Death Dragoness


This was a poem I wrote a few years ago. It can be found in the poetry section, but I’ll paste it here for your convenience (gosh, this is what contacting literary agents does to you — everything is “for your convenience” :P).

My note for the poem: I was exploring the concept of death being a dragon.


Death Dragoness

Let her come to you…
The end is naught
But the real beginning
and your soul will know
let her find you
and you both will soar
beyond the deepest nights
beyond unconquered depths.
She’s pain and joy
tears and dreams
She’s never spoken
and yet you’ve known her –
who can understand
the meaning of her being?
Whosoever unlocks the
has sealed the fate of
and fly away!
Your heart’s yearnings
to be fulfilled;
Your spirit’s cries
to rest in sanctity.

– Jess C Scott


I *could* use this blog as a motivation to myself, to create more poems for Dragonsinn. I find it sad, alarming, disturbing, amusing (in a slightly perverse sense) that writing as an art form (any art forms, in fact) is dead, or dying at the very least. Everything’s for television and interactive media where everyone who’s anyone has an equal chance of having their 15 minutes of instant sensational fame.

I’ve spent most of 2007 working on my first book. I’ve spent the past 2 months querying agents. I know it’s a (focused) crapshoot, what I’m doing; going the long hard traditional old school way of getting an agent/editor for the publishing process, instead of self-publishing on lulu or something.

I know I’m mad. Chasing a dream I’ve had since what, almost two decades ago. I’m just a bit older than two decades right now.

But I continue to stubbornly believe in what I’ve done. I don’t want to die penniless, but if I’m gonna grumble and protest about the multitude of writers/artistes out there today that sell-out and care about how much money is rolling in more than their so-called craft, then I think I sure as hell should stick to what I AM doing and want to do, so that I’m not a hypocrite.

In other words [Marcus Tullius Cicero’s, to be exact (Ancient Roman Lawyer, Writer, Scholar, Orator and Statesman, 106 BC-43 BC)]:

“I criticize by creation, not by finding fault.”

Okay, I was supposed to just think about what I wanna do with this blog, which is to:

1) rant
2) create/experiment with more literary material for Dragonsinn.

I do write other things in my free time, but I think I’ll use this blog exclusively for material for Dragonsinn. That’s what I say for now…


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