Rainism Dance Video


I spent about one month learning the dance routine for “Rainism” [a song by Korean pop artiste Rain (the Ninja Assassin guy!)] — always liked watching people dance. Decided to give it a shot since life is short.

–> It’s harder than it looks coz it’s FAST

That’s what I get up to when I’m not reading/writing/studying. The one thing I loathe about anything writing-related, is the amount of time one can spend sitting one one’s arse…I like to move. I like physical activity (random dance + swimming + yoga = top choices). I hate it when my joints feel stiff and/or inflexible. I hate staring at a screen for hours. I don’t think there are very many activities that are more unhealthy than the latter, lol.

By the way, I never realized how cool an album “Blood on the Dance Floor” [BotDF MJ / Michael Jackson] was/is too. I passed it so many times in Singapore when I used to amble around CD shops…finally got a copy here for $5 on a whim the other day. Man, I think the album is more bad than “Bad”! I currently own 4 MJ albums and will be getting the remaining 3 soon [“Off The Wall”, “History” and “Invincible”]…R.I.P Mr. Michael Jackson.


(Busy) Notice


I’ve started work on my English/Business degree, and am actually *gasp!* enjoying the assignments so far. I’ve 3-4 papers to hand in over this/next week, so I guess I’ll be very busy on that front for the time being.

+ I believe in the Bates method. I have Relearning to See, by Thomas R. Quackenbush — the main points I retained were to

1) reduce stress,
2) not stare/strain (especially when using the computer),
3) move the eyes/blink through the day.

People who have 6/6 perfect eyesight, please be thankful for your perfect vision. I started off at about -6.75D for both eyes. I’ve managed to get it down to about -5D (outdoors, bright sun) over a year. Am trying to hit -4D by March next year. When I do hit -4D, I am 100%-confident I can go all the way down to 6/6 vision.

+ Teresa Teng (你怎么说 / ni zhe me shuo) — WOW.

INFJ roundabout thoughts


As a writer, I like to allocate a significant amount of time to: reading & writing.

Yes, marketing and networking are important, but if all the time and energy goes towards those departments, the next writing project is going to take a much longer time to get started on/continued on/be completed.

Which makes me think about Book03 (which I still have not gotten back to — which I INTEND to, in…say…a couple of weeks).

My first two books have left me quite, quite exhausted (writing, editing, publishing, and marketing them) — but I drew a bird sketch a couple of days ago, which calmed my mind down somewhat.


pen to paper straight | looks better full view :P

It’s one of the reasons I like drawing (it’s mentally stabilizing). I started drawing at around age 16/17, which is quite late in my opinion. I started doodling as a mass communications student, because I was so miserable the entire time, as I was trying to figure out “what to do with my life”.

I like using pen more so than pencil, when it comes to both writing and drawing. I hate pencil smudging, and pen, well, the medium allows for mistakes. In fact, it makes mistakes a necessity. And sometimes, I think that’s the best way for me to actually learn and retain anything that’s worth knowing.

Seemingly roundabout thoughts. It’s how I figure things out/keep things together.

Got to some e-mails/interviews (Book02) today…maybe I will check out the iTunes app for books, submit press releases to some magazines, and look into online podcasts (one avenue I haven’t checked out yet!). I’m trying to get as much as I can done before I start on my BA — I signed up for four classes for the Fall 2009 semester. I hope it goes well.

P.S. As an INFJ, this is one way I tend to spend many hours on Google.

The Adventure of Transfer Credits


Short Version: I have had to switch universities in the past few days — the application deadline at the new place is 8 September 2009, so I’m hoping everything goes well.

Longer Version: When I was in Singapore, I completed an Associate of Arts degree via an extended studies program. The degree/official transcript came from Adams State College (ASC) in the US. I spent about a year and a half completing the degree (2005-2006).

Before that, I’d spent 1.5 years in a Mass Communications/Media Management course (2003-2004). Most of the subjects were business-y, with less focus/emphasis on creativity. I remember feeling very flustered, frustrated, and uninspired by the lessons, so I withdrew from the course halfway.

I went into private tutoring (English/Math/Writing), and enjoyed it very much. However, I couldn’t imagine being a teacher in a/the public school system. Being an ESL teacher is another thing — I like that very much actually, and would be doing that right now, if the minimum requirement wasn’t a BA, along with some kind of ESL certification, heh.

Anyway, I applied to UMM since I’m currently residing in Maine, USA. I was informed this week that the bulk of my transfer credits weren’t going to be accepted — I’m talking 35 credits, which is quite a significant amount. I then checked out ASC’s website, and realized they have a distance learning program. In my enthusiasm, I forgot to inquire if I’d have to pay out-of-state fees (I guess I’ll have to ask next week, when I’m updated on the application status).

My application fee was waived because I was/am considered a “re-admit student” of ASC. If everything goes well, I’ll be continuing my degree at my alma mater, and will most likely be taking an English/Business combination/concentration (back to business, which was mass comm’s focus!).

I didn’t enjoy/think I’d enjoy business + marketing, until I actually had to market my books (once I’d finished editing and publishing them). In my case, perhaps the best prerequisite for business/marketing courses, would have been some practical experience first.

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” ~ Friedrich Engels

I guess my unconventionality tends to tag along with me, wherever I go.

Blog Tour Kicks Off


With an interview on LA FEMME READERS!

My blog tour is going to be a little haphazard — I go along with each blogger’s schedule (didn’t really want to rush anyone too).

Spent 1.5 hours on Saturday sorting through and consolidating my notes for the next YA novel I’m about 1/4 of the way through (first draft, not final).

Had a smashing review on LibraryThing too. Smashing in the sense that it’s the sort of review I’d have liked to have received, regarding one of my books [EyeLeash, in particular…a project that’s been at least 4 years in the making (from initial first draft to publication)].

Currently reading Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar — which is truly amazing.

P.S. I’ll list subsequent blog tour stops on the Blog Tour post, on the EL website. Don’t wanna cross-post too many times…

A word about my next book…


There’s very little info available about the current project I’m working on (on-and-off, rather)…it’s a young adult novel/series…and there’s going to be an excerpt on an interview scheduled for sometime later in August.

I’m usually very quiet on the details — I’ll reveal more when the completed product is good to go ;).

My first two books aren’t “commercially categorizable”. With my next book, I’m trying to go for something a little less radical than the first two books, yet something that’s not *too* conventional/predictable either.

The content will be “cleaner” than my debut novel. Today, I think I’m going to sort out the notes for this next YA novel. It’s quite a mess — and being unable to read my own notes? That’s just not going to fly, lol.

P.S. I’ll be studying, marketing two books, and trying to complete this next YA novel by early-mid 2010. If I do manage to hit that deadline, I’ll consider it an accomplishment.

My Impetuous Streak


I have a problem with organization — while I don’t mind getting work done (and I generally dislike procrastinating), I tend to either “rush” into things sometimes, and/or “try to do too much at once”!

I think I am going to sit down over the next few days, and work on designs in batches of 3-5 at a time, for my merchandise items. I’d like to work with vectors, because I believe those work better (especially on T-shirts).

I uploaded the files for Book02 as well. If my author bio pic is blurry in the print proof copy, I’m simply going to remove it.

I had my first Kindle sale too with Book01 recently. Hope all goes well. I will have a mini-celebration when I sell 10 products (book/ebook/stuff).

Below is a postage stamp with a Japanese girl illustration I did some time ago. I NEED TO FIX UP MY BAMBOO TABLET, lol.