Playing the Flute


+ Originally published on the April 2009 issue of UnMasked Online.
+ Also features in my erotic short story collection, 4:Play.
+ Included the YouTube vid of ‘Playing the Flute’ too :)

Playing the Flute

I heard she was an expert at playing the jade flute.

Under the moonlight, we undress each other, hastily — eager to engage in a song of Life’s greatest pleasure.

All her movements are gentle as cherry blossoms upon the water.

She daintily brings her lips and tongue to my warrior.

The night is soon filled with our music.

She does not allow me to let her go faster. She does not tire.

All the while, my intense delight threatens to engulf me, extinguish me.

Every breath threatens to be my last.

When her performance is complete, she kisses me, and falls asleep in my arms.

As she gently sleeps, my hands trace her curves, reveling in the details.

When she wakes, I notice she holds her hairpin with as much care, as my jade stalk.



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