4:Play Blog


The blog for 4:Play is in a bit of a mess at the moment. I chose blogspot because there have been WordPress blogs which have “disappeared” from the WP/Google index (due to erotic content)…the blog posts look a little lengthier than I expected, but oh well. I guess I will figure it out later.

I finished the first trailer for 4:Play faster than I expected — sorting some stuff out for the next. Here’s the trailer link for Playing the Flute.

Completing my next book (I’ve cleared 1/4 of it) is, in contrast, gonna take longer than I expected. I admit I was going for something with a “commercial” flavour, to up its chances of getting picked up by a lit agent. However, I decided a few weeks ago that the point of view would be better if I’d gone with my original instincts.

There are various other things I need to fix also, before I can continue working on it with a clear(er) conscience.

* * *

Read an editor’s rant against my excerpts from 4:Play!

* * *

Joseph Grinton has mentioned EyeLeash on his blog. Apparently, I’m less phoney than Zadie Smith…


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