City Life Poem, Slates of Grey


I’ve posted what could be my favorite poem (of those I’ve written) here. The title of it is Slates of Grey — it’s a poem about post-modern day city life/isolation.

Originally featured in Conceit Magazine (print; 2011) and Yareah Magazine (2013).

Slates of Grey

Sullen faces like slates of grey
What I’d seen on a walk today.

Bodies rushing bodies bolting
Time for life a disregarding.

Money to make and to grow old
What about the hands to hold?

Deadlines, projects, people to meet
What about our own two feet.

Sullen faces like slates of grey…
What I’d see most anyday.

I’ve one drawing to go for the 3rd and final book trailer for 4:Play.

PS: My Google Profile is under the ID of “missfey” [someone took before I could, and this was a couple of years back]. This’ll definitely keep the links on the sidebar from getting too cluttered!

PPS: Updated press page.


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