My Impetuous Streak


I have a problem with organization — while I don’t mind getting work done (and I generally dislike procrastinating), I tend to either “rush” into things sometimes, and/or “try to do too much at once”!

I think I am going to sit down over the next few days, and work on designs in batches of 3-5 at a time, for my merchandise items. I’d like to work with vectors, because I believe those work better (especially on T-shirts).

I uploaded the files for Book02 as well. If my author bio pic is blurry in the print proof copy, I’m simply going to remove it.

I had my first Kindle sale too with Book01 recently. Hope all goes well. I will have a mini-celebration when I sell 10 products (book/ebook/stuff).

Below is a postage stamp with a Japanese girl illustration I did some time ago. I NEED TO FIX UP MY BAMBOO TABLET, lol.


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