A word about my next book…


There’s very little info available about the current project I’m working on (on-and-off, rather)…it’s a young adult novel/series…and there’s going to be an excerpt on an interview scheduled for sometime later in August.

I’m usually very quiet on the details — I’ll reveal more when the completed product is good to go ;).

My first two books aren’t “commercially categorizable”. With my next book, I’m trying to go for something a little less radical than the first two books, yet something that’s not *too* conventional/predictable either.

The content will be “cleaner” than my debut novel. Today, I think I’m going to sort out the notes for this next YA novel. It’s quite a mess — and being unable to read my own notes? That’s just not going to fly, lol.

P.S. I’ll be studying, marketing two books, and trying to complete this next YA novel by early-mid 2010. If I do manage to hit that deadline, I’ll consider it an accomplishment.


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