The Adventure of Transfer Credits


Short Version: I have had to switch universities in the past few days — the application deadline at the new place is 8 September 2009, so I’m hoping everything goes well.

Longer Version: When I was in Singapore, I completed an Associate of Arts degree via an extended studies program. The degree/official transcript came from Adams State College (ASC) in the US. I spent about a year and a half completing the degree (2005-2006).

Before that, I’d spent 1.5 years in a Mass Communications/Media Management course (2003-2004). Most of the subjects were business-y, with less focus/emphasis on creativity. I remember feeling very flustered, frustrated, and uninspired by the lessons, so I withdrew from the course halfway.

I went into private tutoring (English/Math/Writing), and enjoyed it very much. However, I couldn’t imagine being a teacher in a/the public school system. Being an ESL teacher is another thing — I like that very much actually, and would be doing that right now, if the minimum requirement wasn’t a BA, along with some kind of ESL certification, heh.

Anyway, I applied to UMM since I’m currently residing in Maine, USA. I was informed this week that the bulk of my transfer credits weren’t going to be accepted — I’m talking 35 credits, which is quite a significant amount. I then checked out ASC’s website, and realized they have a distance learning program. In my enthusiasm, I forgot to inquire if I’d have to pay out-of-state fees (I guess I’ll have to ask next week, when I’m updated on the application status).

My application fee was waived because I was/am considered a “re-admit student” of ASC. If everything goes well, I’ll be continuing my degree at my alma mater, and will most likely be taking an English/Business combination/concentration (back to business, which was mass comm’s focus!).

I didn’t enjoy/think I’d enjoy business + marketing, until I actually had to market my books (once I’d finished editing and publishing them). In my case, perhaps the best prerequisite for business/marketing courses, would have been some practical experience first.

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” ~ Friedrich Engels

I guess my unconventionality tends to tag along with me, wherever I go.


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