(Busy) Notice


I’ve started work on my English/Business degree, and am actually *gasp!* enjoying the assignments so far. I’ve 3-4 papers to hand in over this/next week, so I guess I’ll be very busy on that front for the time being.

+ I believe in the Bates method. I have Relearning to See, by Thomas R. Quackenbush — the main points I retained were to

1) reduce stress,
2) not stare/strain (especially when using the computer),
3) move the eyes/blink through the day.

People who have 6/6 perfect eyesight, please be thankful for your perfect vision. I started off at about -6.75D for both eyes. I’ve managed to get it down to about -5D (outdoors, bright sun) over a year. Am trying to hit -4D by March next year. When I do hit -4D, I am 100%-confident I can go all the way down to 6/6 vision.

+ Teresa Teng (你怎么说 / ni zhe me shuo) — WOW.

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