Rainism Dance Video


I spent about one month learning the dance routine for “Rainism” [a song by Korean pop artiste Rain (the Ninja Assassin guy!)] — always liked watching people dance. Decided to give it a shot since life is short.

–> It’s harder than it looks coz it’s FAST

That’s what I get up to when I’m not reading/writing/studying. The one thing I loathe about anything writing-related, is the amount of time one can spend sitting one one’s arse…I like to move. I like physical activity (random dance + swimming + yoga = top choices). I hate it when my joints feel stiff and/or inflexible. I hate staring at a screen for hours. I don’t think there are very many activities that are more unhealthy than the latter, lol.

By the way, I never realized how cool an album “Blood on the Dance Floor” [BotDF MJ / Michael Jackson] was/is too. I passed it so many times in Singapore when I used to amble around CD shops…finally got a copy here for $5 on a whim the other day. Man, I think the album is more bad than “Bad”! I currently own 4 MJ albums and will be getting the remaining 3 soon [“Off The Wall”, “History” and “Invincible”]…R.I.P Mr. Michael Jackson.


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