night light


‘night light’ is a poem I wrote, which was accepted for publication in an issue of Side of Grits (Rural Messengers Press).

‘night light’ also features in (the poetry section titled ‘Appetizers’, of) my second book, 4:Play, and my portfolio, Porcelain. The formatting’s better there; it isn’t supposed to be left-justified.

*** UPDATE (June 2012): I’ve contributed ‘night light’ and some haiku to Rousing Cadence (by seven authors/bloggers across the globe). Check it out!

* * *

night light

(i hear) clock on mantelpiece
heart *thump-th-th-th-thump*
your step floorboard creak
door swing you’re in

(i see) your shadow figure
lunging forward throwing covers
crystal-white night light you
hungry action ready go

(i feel) you me move
alive awaken midnight Truth Purity baptized skyhigh

(i taste) glory power you
man woman love life
egos breaking selves transcending
bodies holy communion

(i smell) you me clean
dirty fresh wet
sweet tongues bathing
skin+bones hit by lightning


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