Book03 is currently being reviewed by some literary agents. I crossed the halfway point for Book04 not too long ago. I guess creating an (EXTENSIVE) outline (prior to the actual commencement of writing the book) works well for me. It’s a YA cyberpunk/urban fantasy book with a neat hook (if I may say so)…so I’ll be doing my darndest best to come up with a good query + synopsis to accompany the ms.

I’ve usually waited till I’ve completed the book, before crafting the pitch and synopsis. I’m currently working on them all three at once, and making tweaks along the way when I feel I should.

I’ve an exciting [15-page (!)] advertising plan to complete for one of my subjects this semester. The plan I proposed was to draft a formalized advertising plan for the marketing of my self-published books [with the intent of gaining enough exposure over time so that I will: a) eventually establish a self-sustaining business model, and b) eventually garner the attention of a literary agent / major publisher].

I was hoping the lecturer would give me the okay, because I’d be able to actually put the plan into use in real life. I’m glad she did indeed welcome my proposal!…so I’ll be super busy, as usual, over the next few weeks…I’ve Herman Melville and Shakespeare to peruse too.


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