I admit I will have to get round to “appearing” on Amazon/Kindle/etc forums sometime — I haven’t exactly been marketing my books lately, because:

1) I was busy completing Book03 and Book04 (which were/are decidedly more mainstream-y than my first two books);

2) I’ve been busy with my five courses for Spring 2010, a few of which are upper-division level;

3) I didn’t/don’t want to ceaselessly “just promote myself/my books” when doing the whole “marketing in a networked world” thing — I’d like to interact with people, instead of just pimping my novels. Ironically, it can also be a challenge for me, as it tends to take up productive time spent in the intensely private world of writing. But one has to keep in mind both the creative and business aspects of publishing.

So…maybe I’ll manage to have things more nicely balanced out in some kind of schedule for myself some day. In the meantime, here’s Sir Edmund Blackadder!

* Update 3 Apr 10: I spent some time today re-formatting (tweaking) EyeLeash and 4:Play on Smashwords. I might publish The Intern and my YA urban fantasy (intended trilogy) sometime later this year. I’ve been hearing a lot of “you’ve a really good concept and great characters” (regarding Book04 / the YA urban fantasy) from literary agents — several have said that the “market is too crowded” and to “try other agents.”

I’ve always been a hardworking person who enjoys seeing results. Quite frankly, having to wait 2 years to see a book published the traditional way, versus 2 weeks (assuming the book has been properly edited, formatted, set aside for a while, etc.) when you’re doing it the indie way…kind of puts things in perspective in some ways. Looking at the increasing popularity of the eBook format…and the trouble Borders is in…

P.S. I’ve decided to try Publishers Marketplace for a few months. Right now Book03 is being reviewed by a Turkish agency (for translation rights; nothing confirmed), and I might post Book04 as a “project on offer” on PM’s rights board later. I initially had huge plans for Book03/The Intern — I wanted it to be a part of this whole multicultural series. If I have to do everything myself again, well, that’s what I’ll end up doing. I’ve already done it twice, lol (amidst much hair-pulling and self-induced anxiety, admittedly).


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