Things to Do + “Exciting Facts”


1. I have Shakespeare’s The Tempest to read (I just finished Macbeth and absolutely adore it), and an essay on Herman Melville’s Billy Budd to complete. I’m hoping to complete most of the essays I have left, by the end of April (so that I can focus on the exams in May).

2. I am currently working on a free eBook, which will feature my writing samples (from novels, works-in-progress, published stories, and stuff from LONG ago that is of merit). I think the eBook would make a good “try before you buy” option.

3. I might need to (finally?) separate this blog from my “main website”. Currently, I’ve set my URL to point to It was easy to start off with, because I thought it’d be easier for visitors/readers (since I do have separate blogs for my books as well).

4. Below is a snapshot of my WordPress dashboard. I must be doing something right…

P.S. May I recommend the Q&A I completed, courtesy of Amanda Young ^^


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