The Subject of “Mr. X”

hieroglyphs sketch

Hieroglyphs Sketch

Lol, something different for a change. The last time I drew something was 6 months ago (the cover sketch for Porcelain was drawn in…2004?). The above was drawn in pen in around ~20 minutes. The sketch below is an old architectural sketch (I have a preference for drawing birds, people, and architecture).

My favorite mediums are ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil, and watercolors (occasionally). Digital coloring is fun, but I still like the intensity of freeform focus I get from drawing with a pen. Much like with writing, perhaps?

Sanctuary of Athena

I’ve been (mentally) fiddling around with color schemes and stuff for the cover art of Porcelain, The Intern, and The Other Side of Life. I’d like them to look consistent, and look good as small thumbnail images too. I have a rough image prepared for the cover art of The Intern…maybe I’ll have to do “outlines” for the book cover images as well, alongside the outlines for the book’s plot/inner contents.

Been thinking of a new category of blog posts here, which I intend to have labeled as “love” (edit: “love, sex” — will explain in future post). I might bring up the subject of somebody (who appears on a rather sporadic/erratic basis) in my life, who is somewhat like a male muse, who I will refer to as “Mr. X” (since I think he would greatly appreciate a certain amount of privacy + anonymity).

For now, I have to go read The Tempest, for my second last Shakespeare essay for this semester.


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