Quality Has Its Price


Meiji Almond Chocolates = very, very good. I didn’t know they were/are “one of the most popular chocolates ever” in Japan — but I can definitely taste why!

Other things I like = Garnier + Redken hair products, St. Ives + Neutrogena + higher-end natural beauty/skincare products. Johnson’s Clean & Clear range was really not-so-good for me, but what I could afford during my early-mid teenage years.

Over the past 10 days, I’ve managed to clear out some sh*t from my life which I should’ve binned a really long time ago, lol (as in, years ago). I tend to focus my energies very intensively, so thankfully I didn’t spend every single waking minute on the said person/thing (that’s been eradicated out of my life for good, this time / “you’re full of shit and not man enough,” I wrote in a text message / best string of text messages I ever sent in my life).

So I’ll probably be taking a few days to chill out…I have some things to ponder over. Mainly with regards to my sexual life. I don’t know if I want to continue being enslaved by my ideals, or go the other direction and “run around freely,” so to speak. I have tried both, but for some reason seem to be unable to fully experience the latter option (so far), even though I have been willing to accept any and all consequences fully. Both sides have pros and cons — exploring via writing works to an extent, I think? After which one will actually have to DO something — depends on the individual too though.

I tend to go underground/very quiet for a while, just before or when I’m planning to release some new projects. I actually have 2-3 projects sitting around somewhere. All that’s left are the covers and some final touches…and a bunch of outlines for new projects that I *wanted* to complete in the past 10 days, but didn’t, due to uhm, “random activities/opportunities” that showed themselves, lol.

P.S. I need to pack my room first. It’s been in an absolute mess for a while, and I think de-cluttering it would be positively psychologically beneficial.


2 thoughts on “Quality Has Its Price

  1. Sounds like you’re churning things out Jess. Good news. I think those SMS’s hit the mark. LOL.

    I vote – run around freely. You’re too young to be enslaved by anything. Wait until you’re older to be enslaved. Then, you’ll be too smart – too much life experience to choose that path.

    Unless you’re really talking about DOM/SUB actual enslavement – then that’s a whole new realm Mike knows little about.

    Explore it all Jess… !


  2. I just feel exhausted, lol…I don’t know if the SMS’s hit the mark (you know how thickheaded some people can be). Still, I’m glad to have gotten it all out of my system (next step = clear acne).

    Yeah I think what you say about running around freely / life experience is true. I don’t know what it is I really want, which could be the problem. The actual dom/sub enslavement is probably more straight-forward than where I’m currently wandering about (or so I think *head tilts sideways in thought*)!


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