Novelist Blog, Frustration with Publishing Industry


Someone surfed into my blog recently by typing:

“novelist blog and frustration with publishing industry”

Hopefully he/she saw my “Indie Versus Traditional Publishing” post from not too long ago, heh.

I was up at 4.22am and decided to dive right into formatting Porcelain, lest I sit on it some more. Below is a screenshot of the opening pages of the free eBook version of Porcelain I’ll be putting up on this blog (10 July edit: now available!).

–> I used to think the table of contents had to be done manually

This time around, I tried to prettify things with a linked table of contents and odd/even headers . I’m glad to say that things turned out all right (MS Word’s TOC feature works REALLY well, when the headings are prepared correctly!). I still remember fighting the PDF files tooth and nail, with regards to my first novel.

The Kindle page is propagating right now — zipped the HTML file + tweaked the <img src> tags so that everything loaded nicely. A lot of Porcelain is actually available online — just all over the place — though I did include unpublished and as-yet-unseen material…12 illustrations are included towards the end of the 40k-word book. I think I’ve spent quite a lot of time/effort organizing Porcelain coz of the poetry-and-artwork combination.

I’ve submitted the print files of Porcelain to CS — the free eBook version should be available by the end of June. Then I’ll probably make a few “announcements” online and pimp it for a bit while fiddling around with the covers for my next two books.

I was procrastinating for a little bit with something about Porcelain…not too sure what. The optimizing of the illustrations + organizing the whole thing, maybe. Anyway I don’t think I want to procrastinate with the two books sitting around on my harddrive — better get to those before my last round of schoolwork kicks in.


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