Balance Between Extremes


I’ve always had a tendency to seek balance amidst extremities throughout my life. I think the same goes towards my writing goals/material. I’m supposed to get to some outlines for more “mainstream” kind of work, just to see how it goes — at the same time, I’m kinda itching to continue roaming around in new territory (mainly in the genres of erotica and paranormal romance).

I like including psychological and emotional elements in my work (and looking at ALL the details, when the writing is more alternative/non-mainstream/experimental)…I feel that it lends a certain amount of depth and authenticity to both the storyline + the characters.

The only caveat with alternative projects is that they can be tremendously tiring to create/complete, lol. I remember going round and round with The Devilin Fey, the novella which features an incubus and succubus. I don’t think I had a lot of material to refer to for inspiration/guidance/*cough*copycat-purposes*cough*, so it took quite a lot of brain + willpower to come up with the characters and plot.

I think I’m going to face the same thing with what I have in mind (for the erotica and paranormal romance projects I’d like to start thinking about)…to me, I will never write an erotic story where it’s “just about the sex (the physical act/ion/ivity)”…and with paranormal romance, I like to challenge myself to come up with something new/fresh/original too, even amidst the current commerciality of the paranormal romance genre.

Erotica can cover the entire spectrum of sensuality + sexuality — I couldn’t imagine limiting myself to a fairly straightforward plot which revolved around the physical action between the characters (despite the wide range in heat level, from “sweet and nice” to “explicit hot”)…there is more to human nature. And with paranormal romance, that paranormal dimension allows for one to delve into another realm altogether…I wouldn’t like to just end up writing about the romance / bulging muscles / love scenes…when one has whole new worlds, concepts, values, and perspectives to explore.

The thing is, I don’t think I ever set out to write “romance novels” — I enjoy meandering in the complexities that (I think) the mainstream romance genre usually does not embody. Here’s the definition of the romance genre, according to

Romance is a specific fiction genre in which the central conflict revolves around the love story between a man and a woman. The settings are often exotic. The characters are regal and glamorous. And the ensuing story is inevitably dramatic—even melodramatic. Furthermore, writing style aids the passion of the climactic conflicts and events, and catapults the reader through a gratifying romantic fantasy. And a happily ever-after ending is requisite.

I think I may have a tendency to include elements of human nature which aren’t, well, “straight forward,” which erodes the “gratifying romantic fantasy” aspect (according to mainstream standards). Then again, if I try to force myself to write something I just don’t have the passion/interest in, I’ll only be sh*tting myself (and everyone else) in the end.

Too much thinking > doing, right now, lol. In more than one department, might I add…I think I’ll have to complete at least half of the outlines I had in mind for the mainstream work. After that, I can spend some time thinking about the direction/s I’d like to take with the slightly more alternative work.

I’m currently preparing a/the “free eBook page” for Porcelain. Going to try out BookBuzzr, and hope I won’t end up “wasting too much time” with it (just the whole setup with the profile and blahx3). I’ve got the product pages for Porcelain set up on Kindle, Smashwords, Google Books (processing) and Mobipocket. Submitted File #2 (first one had some glitches) to CS for the print version, which will have a selling price of $9.99.

P.S. I feel like it’s going to take FOREVER before I can even hit 5 books on my backlist (Porcelain is one book away from #5). Ideally, I’d really like to hit 10 at the very least. I have two sitting around (gonna work on the covers soon), so I’ll hit 6 books, with those two. After that it’s 4 to 10…wish I had a clone of myself to handle the production/cover art/editing/formatting/marketing, lol. Then everything would go 2x faster, at least!

P.P.S. Gonna start my “BUS 4xx – Strategic Marketing” summer course soon — same lecturer as “BUS 345 – Advertising” ^^.

P.P.P.S. Many writers use a seperate pen name for their erotica works. I don’t know — I always wanted to just stick with one name for all of my material, lol. Feels more real for me, that way.


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