Contemporary Poems, Sneak Preview, Porcelain


Update July 2010: PORCELAIN is done :)

* * * * *

Screenshot #1: Some of the sketches in Porcelain (above = eBook version)

A quick look at the two sections which I thought would be the most tedious to do. They actually ended up being quite smooth to see through (I shouldn’t speak so soon…).

Screenshot #2: Automatically generated linked TOC (table of contents) :)

I think Porcelain has ~50 poems, and maybe ~20 short fiction pieces. Plus some essays and stuff.

This is a poem included in the book, which I wrote when I was 17+ (I think). I liked the poems I wrote at that age — it was a slightly wayward but very intense time of my life.


When purpose precedes passion
Fashion; dignity
Reason; intuition

When fame succeeds Art
Love; a random fling
Social networking; personal connectivity
Truth’s axiom.

I’ve just realized that the TOC shows 40 (instead of 50) poems right now, so yep, that’ll be a bit more tweaking to do.

Damn my perfectionist ways…

P.S. I’m about 10% done with packing/clearing stuff out of my room -_-.


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