More Books, More Work

The Intern (raw cover)

1: The Intern (raw cover)

The above is an EXTREMELY rough version of the cover I have in mind for my next book (Book05, half of 10 books, uhhhhh).

I will probably enhance the sketch/illustration to be bolder — it’ll take a few tweaks. Because I’m a one-person-operation, I like to find ways/means to get things done efficiently w/o expending all of my energy in the process (if possible). I was considering leaving the font as is, but I think I’ll play around with some other font types…font is a big deal when it comes to design, lol.

Good part about the formatting for the Kindle version of Porcelain: it looks good/the content is presented well.

The bad? It looks more pro than my other Kindle files. I think I’m going to attempt to slightly improve my other books’ Kindle files, once I get some stuff done for The Devilin Fey. It was not my initial intent to publish novellas — however, since I’ve had some sales so far with very little marketing, I think I could/should allocate the same amount of time/effort to “present”/package/market novellas, as I do with full-length novels like EyeLeash and 4:Play.

More books = more work…getting kind of confused with all the files on my computer…I think I’m just going to download the HTML file from Kindle straight (because I’m getting lost with which are the files/folders on my harddrive). I hope that the effort I’m putting in right now will pay off / “make my life easier” some time in future! My past frustrations with SEO (search engine optimization) definitely turned out to be beneficial learning lessons.


2 thoughts on “More Books, More Work

  1. Jess – we’ve got similar issues. I have about 12 books in various states of doneness and my problem is when I update one – I don’t copy it to my other computer – and I never erase the old copies – too afraid. I’m redundant x7. I have cd copies, dvd copies, usb copies and I have 3 external hard drives, 2 hard drives in my desktop computer and a notebook computer.

    It’s a mess to figure out which is the latest file… then – which is the latest file for smashwords, amazon,, or… a real horrorshow.

    I should sit down and figure out a system – but I’ve got no time for that nonsense. heh-heh.

    Hey Jess – have you previewed your content as it shows on the Kindle?

    I’ve had my wife’s “Joy’s Thai Recipes” ebook returned about 4 out of 9 times it was purchased. I was like – wtf? I figured people were printing them out – or whatever – ripping them off – and telling Amazon they wanted a refund. I was down on the whole thing.

    But, today I found the reason. The formatting on her two Thai food ebooks is JUNK! Also 2 of my books were hosed. Why? I’ve no idea… 3-4 books are fine. I used the same process to make them all. So – what gives?

    Gotta figure it out.

    I edited 4 books today – took 3 hours. Wouldn’t it be nice if Amazon’s converter just did it FOR me? They take 2/3’s of my $$ – can’t they give me a decent conversion? Jeeeez!


  2. I know! I’m redundant x5 right now (and will be x15 if I don’t do something now)…I never erase the old copies too. However I think I’m going to do that, once I finalize the newer, updated Kindle files. Too much clutter otherwise.

    Yup, can totally relate to the “real horrorshow” too — I preview the content for Kindle within the DTP preview, and download the sample later to preview on Kindle PC. I’ve had a few ebook returns on Kindle in the past (last year) — none so far with the slightly improved ones.

    I’ve found that saving as web page filtered, then making some tweaks via Notepad, gives the most “fixed” formatting (doesn’t shift around, etc)…think I’ve used up about 3 hours today so far running around trying to get everything to work. I wanna get this out of the way / it’ll seriously free up time for other (serious or not) stuff….


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