Cleaning out my…


–> 1:The Intern (back cover) / If I stick with this very bare style for the back cover of my next book, you know why…

I had over 1000+ emails in my Yahoo inbox, 500+ in (one) Hotmail account, 500+ @ Gmail, about a hundred in the “drafts” folder — I’m using the “delete” button quite liberally (so far, I’ve not accidentally deleted any emails yet…but I want to get rid of really, really old material first, lol). I didn’t realize how bad it was until I sat down and started deleting files/folders from my laptop, and then the PC, and that’s when I realized the information overload wasn’t “getting” bad, but rather was already quite, quite bad.

I’d like to try and get my next book (electronic + print) out by September. I have another book sitting around somewhere, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get that one out by September too (I’ll do my best). Online and offline spaces really need to be cleaned up good before I can move ahead.

Sometimes I get a bit worried about succeeding, because I really am one person doing it all. Hokkien is a crude but extremely succinct language (a Chinese dialect) — the word “bao kao liao” captures the essence of “having/doing it all.”

According to TalkingCock’s Coxford Singlish Dictionary:

Comprehensive; all-encompassing.

I love Hokkien — wish I were part of the generation that could converse in Chinese, Malay, Hokkien, AND Cantonese with ease!

Anyway, I’m trying to work smart/efficiently. Working hard is not a problem for me, but I’d like to not crash/die/burn myself out in the process. Some people’s strengths lie in marketing/social media/audio books/etc. My biggest strength actually lies in the actual production/creation of new material. I’m very productive that way, and I think I’m going to capitalize on this competitive edge of mine (“quiet” and non-dramatic as it may seem, to the casual onlooker).


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