Of Book Covers and Rankings


1. (re: Book05) I’ve switched the character’s name back to his original name [Chester T. (a.k.a. Chas-ti-ty) Adamski]. “Chester Evans” was…a little too goody-sounding (no offense to all the Chester Evans’s out there!).

2. Since 4:Play crosses so many genres, I’ve plucked out Wicked Lovely, and compiled some of the GLBT ones together, and will see how they go as $0.99 downloads. Kinda amazing that I took one year (since publishing 4:Play…almost) to try this out.

3. The Devilin Fey managed to go below #3K in the paid kindle store (overall) recently. I think I put it up sometime in early June.

4. I don’t know how long the novella / any of my (current and/or future) books will manage to *stay* below #5-10K in the Kindle store. However, I think I’m just going to continue focusing on the characters/story…basic business rule is to add value to the customer / provide them with something valuable. I don’t want to waste too much time “checking on my stats” and “checking on my sales” etc etc when that time could’ve been spent writing/exploring something new, lol.

5. I think book covers are just as important (if not more important, in some ways), than the actual content. Because the book cover IS the first impression — I can spend an awfully long time fiddling around with font choices, colors, etc…lately, I added two thin black lines onto the cover of 1: The Intern, which made such a big difference. I also spent the past few hours coming up with the covers for the two $0.99 downloads mentioned in point #2. They should be available over…the following week.

6. Almost-ready cover for Wicked Lovely:

wicked lovely

Photo by D Sharon Pruitt

7. More books = more work. More sales = more fun.

8. Have a whole load of tweaking to do (I like to “prep” things instead of just uploading the eBook onto Amazon and leaving it there — I’ll have some ways and means of presenting it as best as I can to potential readers/buyers)…

9. …before I can finally get to: (a) tweaking 1: The Intern (b) starting on my summer marketing course, yikes!

10. I’m so tired [but will keep going].


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