Wicked Lovely, Jess C Scott



A short story where a brother and sister look to themselves, and not society, to make sense of the sexual love they share.

SUMMARY: Ed has been (guiltily) attracted to “Goddess Julie” for as long as he can remember — but moves out once he finishes high school. Unexpectedly, Julie discovers she has similar sentiments…

Wicked Lovely features in the short story collection, 4:Play.

* Note #1 (Dec 2010): Banned on Amazon! Can be purchased at Smashwords, and B&N, at the moment. You can read more about Amazon’s censorship via the articles at TeleRead and The Register UK.

* Note #2 (Feb 2011): Check out Wicked Lovely on jessINK [Jess’s indie publishing division ;)].

* * *

Cover ‘Bouquet of Roses’ Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt

Media Mentions:
Review @ It’s Basement Time
Interview with Christine Kirchoff
Interview @ Kindle Author
Q&A on Incest

* Wicked Lovely sells 12 copies on first day with zero marketing/advertising/media mentions — July 11, 2010

* WL hits #3,019 Paid in Kindle Store (overall) — September 5, 2010
* WL hits #691 Paid in Kindle Store (UK) — September 8, 2010

* WL enters the Amazon Kindle bestseller lists
#27 in Kindle Books > Fiction > Short Stories — August 19, 2010
#90 in Kindle Books > Fiction > Erotica — August 19, 2010
#37 in Kindle Books > Social Sciences — August 29, 2010
#56 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories — August 29, 2010
# 4 in Kindle Books > Social Sciences (Kindle UK) — September 8, 2010
#42 in Books > Bargain Books (30 days in Top 100) — October 10, 2010

Praise and Reviews:

“The fact that they were brother and sister is overshadowed by their sheer desire to be with one another, that that other person is the only person for them. That made the story for me.” — Review @ It’s Basement Time

“…the first kiss was really sweet…that was my favorite part.”
– e-mail from a reader

“[I liked writing] Wicked Lovely because it demanded the most amount of realism, along with a very precise amount of sensitivity.”
– excerpt from author Q&A


» More Info on Wicked Lovely @ jessINK (2011).



8 thoughts on “Wicked Lovely, Jess C Scott

  1. Paul G.

    I have just recently become interested in your stories…I would welcome another chance to review your work…i have really enjoyed reading you so far. PaulG.


    • Hi Red,

      Thanks for your interest! — I think the best link would be Smashwords @ http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/18795 (there’s another link to Mobipocket, towards the end of the blogpost above).

      The ebook is also available on B&N and Apple iBookstore (though I don’t have the iBookstore link, as I don’t own any Apple products at the moment).

      I’ll be working on a new website early next year (jessINK), where visitors/readers can purchase from my website directly. So there’ll still be a way to get “scandalous” material, if distributors delete it ;)

      P.S. I actually find the deletion of products (with no reason/warning) + blocking customers’ access to previously purchased products more scandalous (no quotation marks), than erotic incestuous fiction, but that’s just me…



  2. Do you not draw the line? If incest is okay then what else is all right? Bestiality? Perhaps pedophilia? Why would you even consider writing a novel on the subject? Or is the subject close to home? Not nice. I’m all for free speech and each-to-his-own shit, but global consideration and having a little scruples should come into it. Where are your morals?
    Amazon had every right to remove your novel. It’s called business. And if they’re getting too much flack then they have a right to reconsider which books they sell.


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