Traditional Publishing Industry


Was digging up some old files — found a haiku set I’d written in April 2010 on “the traditional publishing industry.”

P.S. Sense of humor required. Grammatical + spelling quirks are deliberate.

[Haiku Set: Traditional Publishing Industry]

1. Gang of Middlemen
Corporate greed +
Social-climbing = Work’s
Top Priority.

2. Wolfpire
Mister Vampire
Met Miss Werewolf, and spawned a
Lucrative franchise!

3. Zero Karma
Monkeys chasing tails,
Slipping on banana peels
They flung earlier.

4. Business Transactions —
Where we care not for
Suppliers or customers:
Ju$t the bottom line.

5. B.S.
“It’s all a game of
Luck and chance — there’s no need for
Marketing research.”

6. E-revolution
Dinosaurs, leeches,
and parasites will be flushed
out of the system.

[E-revolution is c/o Mark Coker @]

7. Thanks
For all the drama.
I’ll stick with something more sane,
Sensible & safe.

8. Good Gamblers
All good gamblers know
their stakes — I’ve better chances
Sticking with Indie.

9. I was blind
But now I see, that
the way to go is my own;
from you i’ll be free.

10. Fact vs. Fiction
Be responsible:
We’ll point fingers to not be
Held accountable.

=== The End ===

// sum-up of the traditional publishing industry ^^

// for a more serious/scholarly look at the publishing industry, check out my quite-popular post, Indie vs. Traditional Publishing.

// unrelated note #1 — here’s how a person surfed into my blog not too long ago! keywords = “jess c scott poetry analysis”


// unrelated note #2 — latest sketch [this was a preliminary study — i intend to do an improved version…when i’m not so busy/tired with homework + formatting files for future book projects].


that was based on Korean popstar, se7en.
the sketch below was based on Korean popstar, Rain.

bi rain, sketch

think i’ll draw some ladies later in the year, haha (i NEED to get started on proper “human anatomy” type sketches/studies, lol).

// unrelated note #3 — The Devilin Fey *almost* managed to cracked the Kindle top #1,000 in the past week (maybe it will, later). i got a nice screenshot of TDF taking the #1 spot in “Hot New Release in Bargain Books” (got the screenshot by chance / was Googling something else).

amazon screenshot

// unrelated note #4 — i have 3-4 more books i’ll be putting out by the end of this year. right now i have 6 (and the most deviant one is selling at the fastest rate, hmm…) — so i might “disappear” yet again for a while from online spaces/social media places/etc, to concentrate on the (quality of the) books + my summer “strategic marketing” course + my fall 2010 semester (3 upper division courses + one elective). it’d be nice and relaxing to just focus on those + doing some drawing/whatever on the side.

// unrelated note #5 — Proactiv works — glad i tried it out.


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