Next Book, TOSoL


Almost one year ago (holy shiz!), I wrote a blog post about my next book. The book I was referring to was 1: The Intern…which I’ve ordered the proof copy for (I will be polishing and tweaking the final version of the book via the hardcopy proof).

This post is also about another (new) “next book,” which would be The Other Side of Life.

cyberpunk elf

Cover Proof #1

I wanted to launch TOSoL around the same time as 1: The Intern…but I don’t think it’s ready to go yet. I have something I can work with — but the names of some of the characters…and the “atmosphere,” are two things I’m going to spend a little bit more time enhancing. The book is mildly cyberpunk — I want to dive back into the text, and play up more of the cyberpunk elements.

* Side Note: Definition of cyberpunk = “hi-tech, low-life.”

I won’t be changing the name of one of the lead elven characters [his nickname is “Nin” (which by the way stands for Nine Inch Nails, to those familiar with the band!) / which is the short form of “Ithilnin” (which means “moon’s reflection over the water’s surface”)]. I’ve blended a little bit of the fantasy genre with the more contemporary elements I like to work with — I may one day do a high fantasy type of book. That was my favorite genre to read/write as a kid.

I’ve always had a thing with names. If they’re wrong, everything is wrong. I don’t know why. It’s a little bit like language, I suppose (language being a core part of a society’s identity).

There are certain archetypes in TOSoL which are a little contrived right now…I’d like to shift/tweak the concepts a little bit, so they’re more relevant and less cliched/boring/conventional.

So…TOSoL will be out later than I’d like…but I think (customers and) I will be happier with the end result.


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