Lasagna, yay


* Followed lasagna recipe from

This’ll be one of those posts were I let the pictures do all most of the talking.

lasagna ingredients

1. Lasagna Ingredients! There’s tomato sauce, tomato paste, as well as stewed tomatoes. Garlic powder + white wine vinegar = MMMM.

lasagna cheese

2. Mozzarella + parmesan cheese shreds. Pasta edges must touch/overlap. This part takes some patience.

lasagna layers

3. Lasagna, done. Prep time = 1 hr 45 mins / Baking = 45 mins. This decadent meal will probably last me over a week, lol.


4. Those are brainstormy scribbles for the upcoming “enhancements” for The Other Side of Life.

splits, cheat

5. I could do full splits up to the age of 7 or so. 10 minutes of yoga everyday is better than nothing, but it’s the stretching/movement through the day that really counts, lol.


3 thoughts on “Lasagna, yay

  1. Paul G.

    I know EXACTLY how you feel about Lasagna, But it wouldn’t last me a week, 3-4 days tops! lol i love it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. Ouch, yoga, too late for me but I’m with you in spirit ! You still seem “bendy”, lol So, how many notebooks you figure you go through in a month? One last thing, you have an amazing amount of fresh, new ideas almost literally pouring out of what appears to me to be a very small person…I mean you look tiny in your yoga pic. With all you do each and every day, you probably burn off the lasagna in a few hours.
    Keep up the great work…


    • I’m about halfway done with the lasagna :P (might try “Chicken Alfredo” next).

      Yoga — I think I’ve taken about one year to be able to do a proper “dog pose” (with shoulders straight and heels touching the ground).

      I stopped growing at age 18. I am about 5 feet. I might try Tai Chi next — looks fun. I need/like to exercise a bit everyday (for overall fitness/well-being) — or else I feel sluggish / lazy / unmotivated…

      P.S. I have about 5 notebooks lying around (each one for different material)…gets a bit confusing when I start cross-writing in the different books (I write down ideas in the one that can be located first -_-!).


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