Female Assassin


I put up a (Busy) notice in August 2009 (didn’t blog till December 2009) — I might do that again sometime in August this year. That’s the second blog post I’ll be repeating “as part of a schedule” (somewhat — here’s the other one regarding “next book/s“) — guess it’s just the way I work, lol. I think I’ll have to do it coz it’s the only way I’m going to be able to focus on:

1) completing the final edits for 1: The Intern
2) completing the final edits for The Other Side of Life
3) completing my bachelor’s degree
4) drafting the plots for the upcoming installments in Sins07 (which 1: The Intern is part of), and The [Cyberpunk] Elven Trilogy (which TOSoL is part of)
5) deciding which book project I’d like to create/develop, after #4

If not, I’m going to be listening to Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory over and over again, while I “try” to “sort out my thoughts” (I can work to music in the background, but silence is usually best when I REALLY want/need to concentrate on something).

asian girl sketch
–> Asian girl sketch / pencil. I prefer working in ballpoint pen. Wanted to get the angle of the face/head correct though, so started off (and stayed with, in this case) with pencil. The above sketch is also a vector (image can be enlarged and still stay sharp) — Inkscape is a good alternative of (the very impressive, but very expensive) Vector Magic. Here’s a good Inkscape tutorial too.

I’m currently going through 1: The Intern — not sure how long I’ll take to edit and make sure everything’s as I’d like it to be.

I’ll have to think about what I want to do with another incubus/succubus project I have in mind. I don’t know which project I’ll jump to once I finish editing The Other Side of Life — I think I’ll have my answer by December 2010.

Yes, I’m aware I’m jumping around all over the place. It’s how I sort things out sometimes, lol (particularly when there’s a lot to sort out).

I like to write haiku sets (of ten) when thinking of future plots/themes/characters/etc. I wrote one yesterday which was female-assassin-themed — production-wise, I’m getting a little bit stuck with the same things I’m getting stuck with regarding the incubus/succubus project (format of the story: short story? Novella? Full-length standalone novel? Series? Mainstream? Alternative?).

I think I’m going to (take a couple of close friends’ advice and) ignore all of that / go back to basics / focus primarily on the storyline + characters, lol. By the way, I remember (I think it was Delta of Venus) one of Anais Nin’s short story collections, where the same character was featured in two entirely different stories. I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway I have to continue working on my strategic marketing assignments, because I just caught up with my schedule (and don’t want to fall behind again).

Included below is (half of) the Female Assassin Haiku Set (the other half is plot-related, which I might expand on in another set). First drafts are usually freeform and written in a slight stream-of-consciousness style — I find it helps keep the whole process real.

[Haiku Set: Female Assassin]

1. Shut Up
All your lecturing
And constant yammering make
My plugged-up ears bleed.

2. I live for the moment
When my cold gaze locks
Onto their terror; victim
Draws their final breath.

3. (Evil Menstrual) Cramps┬│
A shotgun splinter
Shooting up my entire
Left side…I can’t move.

[#3 is real, oh-so-real…]

4. Hitwoman 101
What I do rewards
Quick intellect over a
Quick trigger-finger.

[#4 is c/o Eido’s “Hitman” game]

5. You Break My Heart, & then
Ignore me; here’s a
Poison kiss to burn your lips
And remember me.

=== The End ===


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