Free Stuff, Free Postcards

* Write a review for one of my books…and claim a free postcard! These postcards were designed by me, and are based off my debut blog/IM novel, EyeLeash.

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1. A short, honest review is okay, if you’re short on time.

2. You can post a review on Amazon / Smashwords / B&N / on your blog / on a social networking site like Goodreads, etc. Send me a message with the link to your review.

3. You can also send your review directly by email to me (my email is below).

4. You may select which postcard you’d like (till I run out of that particular design).


From left to right (clockwise):
(1) Jade Ashton (protagonist)
(2) EyeLeash Book Cover Art
(3) Novan Chang (bassist / lead male)
(4) Jade & Novan (romantic snapshot).

5. All postcards will be personalized + signed. As with my books, it’s all about human connection :)

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P.S. Open to all readers internationally.


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