My Lie, Meredith Maran

Earlier last year, I worked as a research assistant intern for the fierce and savvy journalist, Ms. Meredith Maran, on a project titled My Lie: A True Story of False Memories.

my lie, meredith maran

Book Summary: During the 1980s and 1990s, tens of thousands of Americans became convinced that they had repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse, which they recovered in therapy, decades later. My Lie explores the psychological, cultural, and neuroscientific causes of this modern American witch-hunt.

I had a hand in fact-checking some of the information in My Lie, so I know it’s a brave and intense book. The internship certainly helped sharpen my detective/analytical skills (good preparation for my upper division BA courses), and I’m very thankful to Ms. Maran for giving me the opportunity to have contributed to such a riveting project.

The book is published by Jossey-Bass, a Wiley Company, and goes on sale in mid-September.

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* My name on the acknowledgments page–

jess c scott, intern

“For finding the clips, crunching the stats, and checking the facts: stellar interns Julia Dilday, Elana Fiske, Emma Rae Lierley, and Jess C Scott.”


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