“Time Sensitive Material”


The proof copy for my next book arrived a few weeks ago. The label was slightly alarming.

Time Sensitive Material
“Time Sensitive Material” (clearer on the bigger image)

I thought it was a bomb or something, at first. Also, when I order a proof from CS/CreateSpace, there’s always a “!” after my name.

Jess Desktop
Will have to organize desktop later — this picture is a few weeks old

Edits on the first two pages of “The Other Side of Life”

I’ve typed in the handwritten changes — I still have about 15 or 16 more chapters to go. The first two pages were the worst, with this project — I’ve managed to fix some of the things I thought needed some tweaking. I will try to get this done by the end of 2010. But first, I really have to sort out / come up with a schedule to tackle my remaining 4-5 Fall 2010 subjects.

For the past few days I’ve been working on the website and trailer, etc, for SINS07, Book 1 (@ http://sins07.wordpress.com/).

I am kicking off a blog tour for the book, most recently with a guest post on “Gender Stereotypes” @ the very nice Long Live the Lit.

I think I’ll be doing more guest posts than interviews, with this blog tour. It’s more fun to keep thinking of new things to write about, heh (that are somehow related to the specific book in question).


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