Trouble, Jess C Scott


SUMMARY: A poetry collection by author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott. Trouble showcases Jess’s penchant for “bending the rules”—read with caution.

* Most of Trouble features in Jess’s writing/illustrating portfolio, Porcelain (Trouble focuses on poetry, only). Trouble and Porcelain are low-cost introductions to Jess’s writing material.

GENRE: Poetry (50+ poems)

* NOTE FROM JESS: “Trouble covers a decade’s worth of writing. I will turn 24 in September 2010 — it is the writing process throughout my teenage years that has allowed me to create the work I’ve done (and continue to do) in my 20s, a process which Trouble offers a look at.”

* Note (Feb 2011): Check out Trouble on jessINK [Jess’s indie publishing division ;)].

Cover ‘Doll’ Photo by: r e n a t a

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* Trouble enters the Amazon Kindle bestseller lists
#5 in > Kindle Books > Fiction > Poetry > Anthologies — September 6, 2010
#62 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Poetry > Anthologies — September 7, 2010

Praise and Reviews:

“I abandon all ‘insistencies’ I’ve ever had regarding formal poetry.”
editor of The Moose & Pussy literature & art magazine

“…each word [Jess] writes is exactly what she wants to say and as a reader, it is very natural in terms of comprehension and flow.”
– loafhunter13 @

“Baudelaire was a dandy and a snob…he is inimitable and immortal. But he’s a snob. Jess is a treasure. So there.”
– Joseph Grinton @


» More Info on Take-Out @ jessINK (2011).



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