(Away) Notice


Update, 25 October 2010: I will be tweaking the project feat. cyberpunk elves, and seeing to the blog tour articles.

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* This is quite a ramble — basically the bullet points (1) and (2) below, sum up the post.

Well, time for another busy/away notice (I had one last year sometime in September, and did not blog/Twitter/etc for about 2 months plus). Maybe I’ll be “very quiet” for another 2 months +, I don’t know.

These are my remaining subjects for Fall 2010:

1) ENG 359 — Mythology
2) BUS 401 — Organizational Behavior
3) BUS 442 — Strategic Marketing (which I was supposed to finish by the end of August, oops)
4) BUS 359 — Organizational Communication
5) PSYC 316 — Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior [I’ve faithfully watched so many (way too many) episodes of A&E’s Intervention; I’m looking forward to this subject’s course material]

I may update the Sins07 Blog Tour page, now and then (there should be a post on “The Global Appeal of Hip Hop” on Night Owl Reviews next Tuesday — I’ll update the page once the link is live).

I will also, in the midst of all my subjects + assignments, be working on the final edits for The Other Side of Life. I finished the first draft at 40,000 words, “upgraded” it to 50,000 words, put it aside for a while, and have been spending more than 2 months  (on and off) fiddling around with the details, and “making enhancements.”

Sometimes, it’s just a sentence here, or an adjective there, that makes the difference. TOSoL / Book 1 in my upcoming (cyberpunk) Elven Trilogy is taking quite a different slant from the Sins07 series…it is my hope and aim that the tweaking I’m doing right now, will really allow the Elven Trilogy to stand on its own (in the quite-crowded “urban fantasy” department). The style and structure could turn out to be a precise blend that’s commercial/literary, and as I’ve expressed in my first interview…I “must always have some regard for artistic/literary merit, social value, etc., in a story or book, if I’m going to be writing it (c/o RCGNTN Magazine).”

I am usually a perfectionist with most of the things I care about — I don’t know why (Virgo Sun?) — so I will obsess (Venus Scorpio) very intensely over what I think I should be obsessing about, until I feel the project meets (or exceeds, sometimes) my expectations for it.

As you can see, I need to disappear (Pisces Moon) and not be online for a while, because that way, I’ll stop rambling and be more productive (Mars Capricorn). I’ll also be able to see to my mental/literary/artistic pursuits (Libra Mercury), and whatever else I’m supposed to be busy with (Aries Rising).

I need to hide out for a bit, so that I can:

(1) clear my last round of subjects (might as well spend the time to do it right, and enjoy it while I’m at it)

(2) give TOSoL the time and attention that will turn it into what I have in mind. I do not, cannot (I REALLY can’t, I’m just not “wired” to), and will not follow fads. Fads are a hit today. What I am interested in is still being around tomorrow.  At the same time, I don’t want to write material that is so weird/far-out that it is difficult for the general reader to comprehend. Quality to me = interesting + believable + entertaining + non-superficial storyline + characters. I always just focus on the storyline and characters, they are like the yin and yang of a book to me (while the voice/writing style is what gives a book its literary kick). Also, even if nobody knows or cares to know, focusing on the quality is my kinda-abstract-kinda-personal-but-non-BS way of saying “thank you” to every single reader/supporter/customer. If I’m going to put products out, and expect people to pay for it, I’m going to do whatever I can to make sure it is worth their time and money. I like to keep quiet, do the best job I can, and get on to the next project. I’d rather focus on something and get that done right, than try and do 3-10 things at once, but not as well. I’d rather spend two years building a house with a good foundation, than build something in 2 weeks and see it get blown over when a hurricane sweeps by. The visual analogy is a result of my Pisces Moon. Sometimes, astrology is the only thing that makes sense.


To end things off, here’s a very nice picture of Ms. Tila Tequila without any make-up on:


Tila Tequila, no make-up | buzznet

I’m about three quarters through her book, Hooking up with Tila Tequila, and it’s actually pretty good (I felt the expletives were/are part of her style, and not a gimmick / I got the second last copy at a sale / the copies ran out fast). The print quality of the photos is great, the design of the interior pages is very aesthetically pleasing, and the content is not bimbotic, if one looks at the message and person behind it (despite some of the dramatic and quite-public antics of Tila Tequila). By the way, the whole video/audio clips syncing onto MySpace (which the musicians on MySpace rely on quite heavily, to enable their fans/visitors to listen to clips of their music with relative ease), was actually started by Ms. Tequila. While I personally can’t stand using MySpace (very, very annoying!), ^that is a sure sign of sheer cleverness, and not bimboticness.


Okay, I’ll stop rambling/procrastinating, and go now. Nin requires my attention:


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