Incubus, Succubus Stories


incubus succubus

* Update / March 2011: I’ve completed an incubus/succubus-themed novella, The Devilin Fey.

* Update / March 2012: The 3-part anthology I mention below is available as Naked Heat :)

* * *

I’ve been thinking of doing a short story collection, featuring incubi/succubi. I have another short story collection in mind too (something which my current bestseller, Wicked Lovely, would fit in nicely, LOL).

I don’t like to do the same thing twice though — it just becomes a bit repetitive/formulaic/predictable (for me) that way. I have some ideas for stories for the kinkier collection (project #2 in the above paragraph). I think I did scribble down some ideas for the incubus/succubus short story collection…though I can’t recall which notebook it is I jotted the material down in.

I might write 3 incubus-themed novellas, and combine them into one longer edition. I still can’t make up my mind whether I’d like the stories to be part of a connected series, or have them as stand-alone pieces. Maybe I’ll just complete the novellas first, then see if I’d like to expand on one into a series of novel-length pieces. One step at a time :)

To “shake things up” a little bit, I would also like to (FINALLY) put out a dragon short story. Those familiar with me / my websites know has been up for 10 years or so. It’s “improper” for me to be a writer and not have any dragon-related material out there, lol. I do have some dragon poetry which I’ve included in Trouble — I think I have a few more sitting around all over the place, so once I’ve gathered those, I’ll probably throw them at the back of the dragon short story.

Then I had ideas for a dragon short story collection too, mmm…I remember working in the past that way. I’d write a haiku poem, longer poem, short story, novella, and then a novel. Long process, but it’s my way of ensuring quality control.

Will also be working on Book #2 (gluttony / protagonist is probably going to be a model) for SINS07 (upcoming small blog tour in first week of October!), and completing the final version of Elf Book #1 of my project featuring cyberpunk elves. I’m at about Chapter 5 of Elf Book #1 / 14 chapters left to tweak/clean up.

BUT FIRST…I have to complete my remaining course assignments. This last round of subjects is the toughest so far. Not so much in terms of the actual work to do, I dunno. I suppose I have too many things to handle all by myself, so I’ve been feeling a little deadbeat as of late. I’ll probably concentrate on finishing the degree, then shift my attention to the books side 100%. I have a couple more targets I would like to hit (end of this year, and middle of next year), before I decide what to do next (re: both books-writing and my life in general — there are certain things I’ve been wanting to do since quite some time ago…which I still haven’t, but would still like to). I’ll probably draft a rough plan of action too, something strategic so that I know what my next steps are going to be. So far, I’ve usually hit all the targets I’ve set for myself. Targets have to be hit, or else, what’s the point in setting targets?


P.S. Bought Beyonce’s Vegas DVDOMG.

It comes with two audio CDs too.


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