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I’m about halfway through with completing my Fall 2010 assignments (yessssss) — was just thinking about the concept of Karma today.

Whether it’s online or offline, I can’t help but notice how terribly rude, manner-less, crude, crass, offensive (and the list of adjectives goes on), some people can be (not necessarily to me personally / just in general). I’ve also noticed some things which may or may not be ‘coincidences’.

I’ve observed, for instance,  that a rather disrespectful/aggressive person on Goodreads had a $75,000 student loan debt (she was defending herself on a one-star review she left on a book which I was checking out, but have not read yet). Along the way (in the posts after her review), she mentioned something about how she felt that writing that review was a personal justification of the $75,000 debt she had accumulated, with regards to getting a degree in English Literature.

Another openly mean-spirited character, who has showcased “bad behavior” and/or “less than desirable character traits,” has a slew of health problems (quite a long list for someone in their mid-20’s). She justifies her princessy, Miss Bitch ways by stating on her online/Facebook profile that “if [she] isn’t nice to you, it’s only because you’re not cool enough.”

I’m not saying that everyone with student loan debts and health problems “deserves” “what they got.” Only in some cases. Like when a detached retina occurs from elevated high pressure, after losing your cool at someone (another real-life example).

As for people who like to moan, groan (makes me wonder if it’s because they’re not doing it right in bed / not getting enough quality action?), criticize, complain, whine, and bitch about others — about absolutely anything/everything in all areas of life — I like to think of the following quote, to keep things in perspective:

“I criticize by creation, not by finding fault.” ~ [Marcus Tullius Cicero (Ancient Roman Lawyer, Writer, Scholar, Orator and Statesman, 106 BC-43 BC)]

* some other nice quotes are available on my Writing Quotes page

I always aim to be polite/courteous/respectful towards people, even if they aren’t to me (though I have my limits too). When I say “thank you,” I mean it genuinely. I’ve even sent thank-you emails to McCormick, Redken, Astrodienst, Stash Tea, Twinings Tea, and Amazon’s customer service teams in the past, for the quality of their products and/or services (and a representative from each of these fine companies actually replied back, thanking me for my “kind feedback,” lol! Always nice to be appreciated…).

I’m not nice because I want to “score more Karma points,” though I did use to think of that notion long, long ago (early teens), when I first knew what Karma was. I just naturally am put off by rude/mean attitudes and behavior (it says very little about the person parading words/thoughts/actions, of that nature), and enjoy doing a little bit everyday (whatever/whenever/however I can), to counter the world’s negativity and hostility.

In the realm of love/sex (more Venus Scorpio intensity/drama, LOL), I’ve also believed that what you get = what you give. So the last time I really blew up and kicked (metaphorically) someone out of my life for good, it was because of an imbalance in dynamics. And I’d rather be single but sane/happy, than be stuck in the rut of a second(or third)-rate (to me) relationship.

Tim Gunn mentions “Karma” in his latest book too (Gunn’s Golden Rules — have a copy — love it!). Wise words from a wise man (the quintessential gentleman).


–> Tim Gunn / “Make It Work!”

* End Note: Speaking of debt…for some reason, I picked up a financial book for kids, very early on in life  (I wish to high heaven that I could remember the author’s name / book’s title!). A message from the book was that having any kind of debt was bad, bad, bad. I can’t remember much else of the book’s contents (I was around 10 years old), but I do remember taking away that golden nugget of information from the book. It made a big impression, somehow,  and consequently got etched into my memory.


2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. Hi Jess,

    There are takers and givers. Those that take do so for many reasons, but usually because they don’t have their act together. Some are just in circumstances that are beyond their ability to handle them. The world would be a much nicer place if there could be more givers! Great post, always read your articles. Congrats on doing 1/2 a years assignments ALREADY!


    • Hi Mike,

      Yeah, and I’m just (finally!) done with negative people…I just try to hang out with positive people instead. Much more enjoyable. Thanks, debating whether to do an assignment tonight for “Organizational Behavior,” or “Organizational Communication”……


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