Project Runway, Gretchen, FAIL

This post is a Project Runway, Season 8 rant. I would format certain things a little better, but I have some exams next week, so don’t have the time to prettify the post up too much. Excusez-moi. Also, it’d be easier to understand this rant if you’ve been watching Project Runway for some time :)

P.S. I tend to “react” when my aesthetic senses are violated, lol.

P.P.S. (Update 1 Nov 2010): Gretchen fans who want to diss me for not having “good taste,” can read this comment.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (this post got to be a little longer than expected…):

Part 1: The Top 3
Part 2: E-mail to the producer
Part 3: “Project”?
Part 4: Official PR Rebel Page on Facebook
Part 5: Make Your Voice Heard + MK & Nina Garcia…Prejudiced?
Part 6: Message to the PRPR (Project Runway Public Relations) team


[Part 1: The Top 3]

I try not to whine/gripe/complain about things too often. And I don’t usually get too worked up over the results of a reality TV show.

HOWEVER, I really cannot understand how Gretchen Jones won Project Runway Season 8. Strictly speaking from a fashion perspective (never mind her “questionable” character — she even got on Tim Gunn’s nerves. TIM GUNN!!) — how are her designs runway worthy, and the epitome of the “now” in fashion?!

I’m not an “industry person” in the fashion industry — but as a female / clothes buyer / person who likes fashion and design, I am drawn to the designs of Andy, Mondo, and Michael C. They are exciting/aesthetically beautiful/elegant/well-made/inspiring. I want to buy them. I want to wear them (if the sizing/fit is suitable, heh).

* Everyone has different opinions/tastes. Personally, I would’ve really loved to have seen Andy, Mondo, and Michael C. in the top 3, so I have included a shot of one of their designs below. The other designers’ works can be viewed here.

Diaper wear is the “now” of fashion?!?! | Winner: Gretchen Jones, Look #1 for Fashion Week. EPIC FAIL.

Andy South’s entire collection was casually, flippantly dismissed by the judges, presumably for being too “cultural.” WTF? How does that factor devalue other elements of a design (style, aesthetics, technique)?

andy south
Colour might not be everyone’s favourite, but the DESIGN = understatedly stylish, elegant, and very sophisticated | Andy South, 2nd Runner-up

Mondo’s! Fun, fresh, vibrant, happy/positive.

Mondo’s First Look. Holy !@#$! Look at the vibe / pop of colour! | Mondo Guerra, 1st runner-up

Michael Costello.

michael costello
CHIC! | Michael Costello, kicked out of the Top 3


1. Gretchen Jones / Fashion Week RTW 2011
2. Mondo Guerra / Fashion Week RT! 2011
3. Andy South / Fashion Week RTW 2011
4. Michael C. (should’ve been in the Top 3!) / Fashion Week RTW 2011


I enjoyed both Mondo (1st runner-up) and Andy’s (2nd runner-up) exit interviews from the show. Both guys were incredibly classy. And you can bet that Gretchen wouldn’t have been as “polite” to the winner, if she came in 2nd/3rd place!!

Quote from Mondo: “Gretchen’s designs look like they came from a 1970s Sears catalogue.”

Quote from Andy: “I think that Mondo’s — and my — collection, speaks volumes more than Gretchen’s aesthetic (HELL YEAH!).”

Mondo’s Vid:

Andy’s Vid:

What Mr. Tim Gunn said about the finalist (YouTube):

My Verdict: TIM GUNN should be one of the judges!! Best wishes to Andy South, Mondo Guerra, and Michael C. That would’ve been a real fashion show.

# # #

[Part 2: E-mail to the producers/TV network!]

I was so pissed that I wrote an email to Ms. Abbe Raven, who is “in charge of” (she’s the president/CEO) AETN, which oversees the A&E Network, History Channel, and Lifetime (which Project Runway is now under; formerly PR was airing on Bravo).

If you’re ticked off with this season’s PR, you can drop her an email at

I got her email/name from one of the comments on PR’s facebook page. Close to 95% of PR fans are NOT happy with the results. Do these network people bother to look at social media, to view their viewers’ sentiments?

My (rant of an) email (wanted to write it while I still felt strongly about certain things, lol) / I usually keep the caps to an absolute minimum in my blog posts, and writing material. But not when I want to MAKE A POINT, via email:

Dear Ms. Raven,

I am writing with regards to the outcome of Project Runway’s Season 8.

1) I found it incredibly ludicrous that Andy South’s collection was so flippantly and casually dismissed, for being too “cultural.” His collection was sleek, understatedly stylished, polished, and sophisticated. And I personally thought his designs and selection of models of mixed ethnicity were very refreshing. For being individualistic, he was automatically not considered for the top spot, because he did not conform to the WASP (white, anglo-saxon, protestant) stereotype. I do not mean to insult the entire demographic of middle-class White Americans — but I DO take offense when people who have authority in the mass media allow this type of SHIT to go on, in the 21st century. You are the people that can make a difference in terms of racism, sexism, etc. Instead, YOU PERPETUATE STEREOTYPES!!! And “punish” those who try to be different. What kind of message is this sending out to viewers?!

2) Did Mondo/Andy/Michael C. not win because they were male / NOT-100%-White/ NOT-HETEROSEXUAL (I’m not sure about Andy) / HIV-Positive (Mondo)??? These are BIASED OPINIONS that should not factor in when in comes to objective judging. If the designers were going to be judged according to these criteria, I for one, would have appreciated a notice of some sort, at the beginning of the season (so that I could prepare myself for the thoroughly distasteful outcome).

3) Michael C., Andy South, and Mondo should easily have been in the top 3. That would have been a real FASHION SHOW. The fans of Project Runway watch it because they enjoy the beauty/innovation/vision/creativity that goes together with fashion. Why call it Project “Runway” if the clothes are meant to be COMMERCIAL?!?!?! Commercialism = commodity = no excellence = death. Last year’s runner-up should have been the winner of that season, if this year’s criteria were applied!

4) I used to enjoy watching Project Runway because of the reasons I listed in #2. I like watching the designer’s vision and CREATIVITY AT WORK. Why would fashion fans want to view/buy something “safe”?! Why encourage the designers to have their own vision, when the judges/network is the one that DICTATES THE RULES / CRITERIA TO WIN, IN THE END?!?!?!?!?


I hope you “look into the episode/issue” (Project Runway Season 8, final episode). AETN also runs the History Channel (which I have always loved). It’s a great pity that this show has become what it was, in Season 8.

P.S. Please Ask Mr. TIM GUNN on how to make Project Runway “WORK” again (to quote his famous catchphrase)!!


Disgruntled viewers #1:

Disgruntled viewers #2:!/projectrunway/posts/161172210582786

* In one of the comments, I read that Gretchen Jones said she’s better than Diane von Furstenberg, and that she’s going to move to NYC (winner of PR = $100,000 to start their clothing line). The comment linked to one of her interview clips online. Gag.


# # #

[Part 3 (October 30, 2010) / AN IMPORTANT FIND!]

Just had a look @ (a Gap company, which sponsors Project Runway). No wonder Gretchen won. SERIOUSLY, then change the name of the show to PROJECT PIPERLIME (or Project Garcia & Kors, or Project Off The Rack). Then people wouldn’t be so angered.

That 70’s Girl Line:

The PR winner’s line is showcased there. There’s a line called That 70’s Girl — HELLO?!?!

Judges, please change the name of the show to “Project Piperlime.”

Or just make Piperlime the final “challenge,” where the designers have to design a RTW (ready-to-wear) commercial line. List the criteria properly, so us viewers know what the designs are based on (definitely not on aesthetic appeal, this round).

If I wanted to watch drama > fashion, I’d watch The Jersey Shore instead!

Corporate Sponsorship = $ellout = Not Impressed.

P.S. In the SeenOn Private Show (sale lasts for 2 days — where you can purchase the actual designs from the final collections made by Gretchen, Mondo, and Andy), here are the stats. Mondo’s entire collection = sold out, 10/10 items. Andy’s = half sold, 5/10 (I would buy 1 or 2 if I had $500+ to spare, LOL). Gretchen = 4/10, the most expensive item at $999 [did a network person buy it? / is it because of comments like:

“Too late for Mondo’s…Andy’s is going fast, too…Gretchen’s is sitting collecting dust (Finny Oak).”

“Two more outfits from Gretchen sold out? Wow! Nina Garcia is doing some serious shopping (Marissa Thomas).”

“Have the judges seen this? ALL of Mondo’s clothes SOLD OUT. Gretchen’s clothes? Many of them haven’t sold out. Wasn’t one of the arguments for Gretchen winning that she had her finger on the pulse of where fashion is going today and that she was very commercial? Wouldn’t the SeenON sale provide some evidence to the contrary? The Project Runway judges lost credibility with their decision this season. What a mess (SamosasForOne).” — comments from PR Facebook].

Also, Mondo’s collection is placed above Gretchen’s. So congratulations to Mondo + Andy (+ Michael C. and the non-dysfunctional contestants), and of course the wonderful judges for awarding the designer whose “vision” aligns with Booyah!

# # #

[Part 4 (November 1, 2010) / NOTICE!]

Okay, don’t mind the long drawn-out post (I have tried to keep the superfluous things out) — just a short notice about “The Official Project Runway Fans Rebel” page. Gathering people to show up in large numbers so the network will HAVE to listen…the group’s purpose and intent is NOT TO BASH anyone…they are just trying to come together collectively to do the right thing, so that future seasons of PR won’t be a repeat of the outcome of Season 8! It’s not my page. But mass market commercialism triumphing over originality/creativity is something I’ve always reacted strongly to.

* Official PR Fans Rebel:

500 members, and counting. The more, the merrier…(stronger voice to the network).

Remember –> no viewers = lower ratings = no sponsorship = no show. Don’t you think the judges should respect/listen to the viewer’s opinions, too?

* Group #2 — The “BoyCott Project Runway” Group on Facebook:

// BTW, another thing people are ticked off by: Nina Garcia’s and Michael Kors’ attitudes.

Quoting (from Facebook post, by Darell Eads — it’s an accurate quote because I watched the PR8 episode): “Kors said during the judging: ‘Galliano makes ball gowns, and then there is Michael Kors. What I show, I make.’ Kors is delusional comparing himself to Galliano, who is head and shoulders above Kors in the genius of vision. Kors tramps out this ladies who lunch at the resort collection every season. This season was an epic FAIL on so many fronts it’s not even funny. That’s why people are so ticked-off.”


# # #

[Part 5 (November 2, 2010) /  Make your voice heard if you have some time]

From a member of The Official PR Rebel page: These are some ways to contact people “involved” with PR, to make sure viewers are heard (all these numbers/emails were in public domain, so be my guest and sue/kiss my a**…).

+ I got some inside from an unnamed source after MUCH hard work. Lifetime will not respond to anything but postcards. Send Postcards to:

Lifetime Television
309 W. 49th street
New York, NY 10019

P.S. Ask that Tim become an Executive Producer and Rich Bye the Producer vs. Bunim/Murray. Then we can have Project Runway Back. Send Postcards in masses NOW!! (posted by admin of Official PR Rebel page)

+ The Piperlime no. is (1.877.747-3754) (owned by Gap / Piperlime sponsored Project Runway, this season)

+ Editor in chief of Marie Claire Magazine (Nina Garcia’s boss) (The magazine gives readers information about women around the world and their needs, struggles, and stories of life. Nina Garcia’s prejudiced comments towards Andy and Mondo were NOT in line with the vision of Marie Claire magazine — she repeatedly made references to Mondo’s collection being “circus-y,” after Mondo clearly stated/shared that the inspiration was his Mexican culture. Andy’s collection was similarly very quickly dismissed due to having too much of a “cultural” touch. First, Ms. Garcia said Andy’s collection had too much of a “warrior princess” look; when he tries something that is Asian-sophisticated, she changes her mind again. Nina Garcia is the fashion director at Marie Claire magazine).

+ Some comments on Ms. Garcia’s “prejudices”:

1. “So talent had nothing to do with it Nina? By your own admission it is because Gretchen listened to you and Mondo didn’t? Is that right?” (Adrienne Ayala Warner, Facebook comment)

2. “So it was about yours and MK egos? The designer that was best didn’t was you egos that got in the way. You and MK have destroyed the creditability of the show. You based your judgments solely on because some one didn’t listen to you. However, Gretchen used the same monotone color scheme that you eliminated Michael Costillo for the previous week. Gretchen OBVIOUSLY didn’t listen. Instead you rewarded her for not listening and punished Mondo for not listening. Doesn’t make sense.” (Lori Fugate, Facebook comment)

3. “I am very sad that you have supported Target with your appearance for their fall fashion tips even though Target have supported bigotry and marginalized equality.” (Anthony John, NG’s Facebook page)

4. “What I found really annoying was how Nina Garcia and Michael Kors praised Mondo’s work throughout the show, and then ragged on him in the end for not editing the long-sleeved polka dot dress according to Ms. Garcia’s and Michael Kor’s advice. At the end of the day, it is STILL the designer’s work/vision. And Nina Garcia and Michael Kors bashed Andy for his edgy warrior looks, and when he took things up to a sophisticated level, Nina Garcia disses him for “not having enough of the Andy edge.” Wow, there’s such a thing called versatility and DIVERSITY (both ethnically/culturally, and creatively!!).” (Facebook comment on Nina Garcia’s page)

5. “I think Ms. Garcia is ashamed of her Latina roots! “Too cultural” my *ss. My Marie Claire sub has been cancelled.” (Adrienne Ayala Warner, NG’s Facebook page)

6. “She looks like…Miss Guatemala.” ~ Nina Garcia [on one of Valerie Mayen’s design on this episode (Valerie was one of the PR8 contestants)]. Funny thing, Miss Guatemala was among the top 10 this year! [And what I say] is not about opinion, it is about respect.” — 25 Sept 2010, Renato Lopez, Facebook comment

7. “Wow! I’m just hearing about this. If its true, I feel terrible as a Colombian that another Colombian would express themselves that way about the Guatemalan culture or people. The nicest people I’ve met are from Guatemala and the sweetest and best looking men are from there too, and correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t a priest recently leave the priesthood to marry a Guatemalan woman. GUATEMALA EQUALS BEAUTY!!! Furthermore, Guatemala was referred to as: “CENTRAL AMERICA’S RISING STAR Impressing international agencies with its investor-friendly, socioecononic reforms,” in the “Panorama” insert of the Miami Herald September 15, 2010. Need I say more? Oh yes, don’t mess with Guatemala!” (Elizabeth Lopez, Facebook comment)

8. “The fashion industry is designed to tell women they are inadequate the way they are need to CONSUME in order to look attractive and be attractive to men. It is a system of cruel, unkind, racist, sexist and homophobic comparisons. Nina Garcia’s comment (on “Miss Guatemala”) is as offensive as Michael Kors comments about models looking like streetwalkers is as offensive as Heidi making fun of models’ boobs. There are SO MANY THINGS that go on on this show that are terribly offensive. There are SO MANY THINGS that should be causing you outrage.” (Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay, Facebook comment).

* Actually, I (Jess) am pretty tired of racism, sexism, and homophobia too (and I try to counter all this via my works of fiction: my writing manifesto explains more). If you and your friends are tired of these things as well, send them to this page ;)

P.S. Nina Garcia / her rep has been deleting “unsavory” comments on her page, so I am unable to retrieve all of them.

P.P.S. Nina Garcia is Colombian (online comment from “BTW I have many Hispanic acquaintances and they tend to be very racist about Hispanics of other Hispanic countries. Mexicans look down on Hondurans, Colombians look down on Guatemalans etc…” — Nina Garcia is Colombian / the Guatemala–Mexico border is the international border between Guatemala and Mexico / Mondo has Mexican roots…coincidence?).

P.P.P.S. I am not trying to “attack” Ms. Garcia — but these are things she has really said on TV/in the media, etc. She might not be aware/conscious of how it’s coming across — in which case, she should be!

“I wonder how much Nina is paying someone to constantly check this page for negative remarks. Every time I post one it is taken down within seconds! Bad Nina! Bad, bad!” (Janet Kramer Townsend, Facebook comment)

* LINK #1: For a blog post that says it better than I do [re: Michael Kors AND Nina Garcia’s lack of tact with regards to diversity (both ethnically, and creatively)], head over to this post from OUTSIDE.

* LINK #2: Tom and Lorenzo also have a very good discussion of the final judging @ Fabulous & Opinionated.

+ Abbe Raven, [CEO of AETN, which oversees the A&E Network, History Channel, and Lifetime (which Project Runway is now under; formerly PR was airing on Bravo)].

+ Sara Rea (Executive Producer of Project Runway) | Twitter Account @sarakrea

+ Kannie Yu LaPack, Senior Director, Publicity @ Lifetime TV (which airs Project Runway) (1-310-556-7582) |

+ Michael Kors, [who carries his lines: Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and Nordstroms].

+ Olivia Doyne, (Media Contact for Gap Public Relations / Gap owns

+ Kimberly Terry, (another media contact at Gap)

+ Alisa Greco, L’Oreal Paris, Assistant VP of Public Relations, (1-212-984-4908) |

+ Garnier, Consumer Affairs (1-800-442-7643) | (Garnier Fructis is owned by L’Oreal Paris / one of the sponsors of PR; also sponsored American Idol)

+ VOGUE Magazine / Send VOGUE a request for a photo spread of Mondo’s/Andy’s/Michael C.’s work | Contact Form

My short email: “Would like to request that VOGUE showcase Mondo’s, Andy South’s, and Michael C’s work (from Project Runway Season 8). It would be very refreshing for VOGUE to showcase something both culturally and creatively diverse.

These 3 designers are very talented, and have great aesthetics. Their vision would go in line with VOGUE’s vision of being at the forefront of fashion.


P.S. I can’t be the only person writing. 1 person’s email = delete. 1000+ daily emails/complaints in an inbox/phonecalls = public outcry :)

# # #

[Part 6 / Blahx3: “Jess, why’re you going on and on about this? It’s OVER! It’s just a reality show! Can’t you get over it?”]

I happen to be one of the people who spent 13 weeks watching a PR season.

I do not mean to bash PR or the judges — but the judges aren’t exactly being respectful to contestants and viewers, by not stating their judging criteria clearly. Michael Kors was very rude to Jessica Simpson too (“HELLO? HAVE YOU SEEN A MAGAZINE RECENTLY?” She was so calm/gracious. If I were her, I’d have replied, “Yes, Michael, I have been in a few magazines recently.”). It’s funny how when Kors goes off on national television, it’s ‘entertainment’, but when he hears back from the fans, it’s “rude” (Paul Kane, Facebook comment).

The judges should have CLEARLY stated that the final challenge would be for a commercial line (specifically for, “one of the sponsors,” nothing wrong with mentioning that). And maybe there could be a separate challenge for a finale, where each designer could showcase their own line, which showcased their own unique vision.

If not, the judges are leading on viewers + PR contestants into believing that the finale collection is judged based on design elements such as originality, etc, with commercial viability being a less significant factor.

“I thought that Heidi’s show had credibility. As my father pointed out decades ago, the ‘best’ person is not the best, it is the one who the ‘people with the money’ want. Very true. I hate reality shows. PR used to be more about the ‘art’ than the commercialism. Obviously, I was wrong. Another viewer whose television will not be airing ‘Project Runway’ any longer. (Not that I think you care. We are just the audience.)” — Anna Juran Kelley Nina, Facebook comment

PR judges/publicity/public relations team —


76 thoughts on “Project Runway, Gretchen, FAIL

  1. Justice has been served & the right person won GRETCHEN……why don’t all of you jealous haters go crawl in a hole where you belong……..Every profile & photo i have seen of you haters is a veru ugly portrait……most of you are fat, ugly & have zero taste….Gretchen has more taste, style, fashion in her little finger than all of you haters put together…..get over it, Gretchen is the deserved winner……….


    1. Hi Dt,

      It has nothing to do with jealousy — and have you seen my portrait? I am not fat (nothing wrong with being fat too, if I was, except from a health/superficial viewpoint), ugly (that is subjective / “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”), and I definitely do not have zero taste. I like Oscar Wilde and John Ruskin (do you know who they are?). Fashion-wise, I like Chanel, Kenzo, Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Anna Sui.

      Anyway this isn’t about me, it’s about a person who DID NOT DESERVE TO WIN. What about the other designers who worked so hard also? With originality, etc?

      That you are Gretchen’s type of supporter/fan — SHOWS very clearly, what her fan base (and her own self, presumably), is really like. Congratulations, and thanks for dropping by!


      1. Hey Jess your right, i visited your website, your youtube, your facebook & none of them have a photo of you which tells me a lot about you……….you are a disgrace to start a blog of this nature…..Gretchen has many fans however they don’t need to shove their opinions down you haters throats……try being a good loser and take something positive from this……I loved Mondo, Andy & Michael, however if one of them had won, i would not start spreading hate blogs… i said before, it must be jealousy & Gretchen has more taste in her little finger than all of you haters put together……get over tyhe jelousy & move on…what are you trying to accomplish anyway?????DT


      2. Jess–you should SERIOUSLY reconsider blogging about fashion. You don’t have a CLUE. Jones’ work is where fashion is going, and we have had season after season of frilly frothy confections that DO NOT SELL. Did you even look at the major designers this season? Shame on you for displaying your ignorance in such a big and biased way. I’ve worked in the industry for 10 years now, and said to my boyfriend that if Gretchen did NOT win, I would know PR is fixed. Thank God the best person won–the REAL designer.


      3. Well Vanessa, since Mondo’s line is sold out and Gretchen’s line is barely selling at all, I guess that would make you wrong?


    2. Dt what a well thought out response. Your intelligence really shines through. As a model and photographer with many friends in the same biz I can assure you that we are neither fat or ugly. I make thousands of dollars based on my taste. As for you, your ignorant remarks lead me to believe that you are ugly in the worst way, inside. The outside is just a reflection of this. MONDO and his clothes are beautiful.


      1. how sweet least my well thought out response is not bragging about myself & how many thousands i make & how i am so great which i can assure is many more than you will ever make & it is all based on my taste … are sickining & probably just some fat ugly puke sitting behind a computer screen, just another wannabe.,……i never said mondos clothes weren’t nice ………get a life a go brag to somebody who will actually believe you or should i say me me me, its all about me, i’m so good & rich & beautiful, everybody lives by my tastes & its me me me …lol, what a joke


      2. DT, you are a child. Now I haven’t read this drawn out reaction to Gretchen’s win, but I understand it. Sure her runway show wasn’t a total fail but whether you love or hate her, love or hate Mondo anyone with two eyes can tell you that Mondo was arms and legs above the other designers. When a loss of this magnitude happens, expect backlash from the faithful viewers. We expect the judges to make sense. We expect the judges not to contradict themselves over and over. We expect this show not to be fixed or biased. The fact that this has caused such an up-stir should be more than enough to tell you that something didn’t go right there. This has NOTHING to do with jealousy. Only a delusional child would jump to that conclusion and then go even farther to insult people because you are unhappy with their opinion. It’s one thing to be constructive but to try to play they “your ugly fat card” is so elementary, I’m wondering how you were able to get on the computer and type that comment out yourself. You may not start hate blogs about anyone, but the fact that you sent hate comments is more than enough proof that you are no where near close to these so called vast amount of Gretchen fans who wouldn’t do such a thing. Immature child, take your rude and snarky comments elsewhere.


    3. No one is saying she has no taste dear, she is just not an ORIGINAL..Her designs are a rip off of the 70’s and 80’s…THIS IS A FASHION SHOW!!!….Where creativity and innovation and imagination take precedence…….GRETHCEN IS NOT A WINNER and SHE IS NOT IMAGINATIVE AND CREATIVE!!….MONDO IS OUR WINNER HANDS DOWN….


      1. What I don’t get is how nobody talks about how Mondo’s stuff is just a rehash of the 80s – shoulder pads, pink/black/turquoise ad naseum, pouf skirts, panel dresses, the works. The only thing sort of original is his specific prints, but their are a lot of designers who have played with print like that.

        Mondo is just a young designer, there is nothing in that collection that makes him such a fashion god as people are yammering on about. I’m tired of it. Gretchen won and people should be a little gracious about it.

        Personally I like her clothing and her color palette MUCH MUCH more than Mondo’s.


    4. This one person has been making similar comments at the official PR blog site. I would guess that it is a relation, or perhaps Gretchen herself.


      1. Eppie, you took the words right out my mouth. I get the distinct feeling it is Gretchen posting or someone very, very close to her. It’s being taken way too personal to not be a close relationship.

        I thought this was a great well thought out post and I too am scratching my head at the winner. Mondo was truly inspiring to me, and as a designer myself, I want to see more of what he has to offer. I personally just couldn’t relate to Gretchen’s aesthetic. Michael Kors could because it is very similar to what he designs for his collections.


    5. Re-reading your tirades, crazy misuse of what I guess is the elipses, as well as infantile insults to everyone on this blog, I’m going to take back what I say below about you “feeling” a little psycho/obsessed to me, and tell you that you really should go see someone–you are one pissed off kid. You have spent way too much of your life here spewing at every responding poster: “you are sickining & probably just some fat ugly puke sitting behind a computer screen, just another wannabe.” You can respond likewise to me, but let me warn you before you waste your hate, that I’m ridiculously happy, successful, and goshdarnit, not bad-looking either–so you can’t touch me, as the saying goes. Oh, and I blocked you.

      You start off with your comment: “most of you are fat, ugly & have zero taste” and then speak from some loftly place of knowledge about the supposed taste level of Gretchen’s “little finger.” Why on earth would anyone get so personal and then spend 8 more vitriolic posts talking about how messed up all the respondents are. If this were my blog, I’d delete your sorry self, but Jess C. Scott (who you have the nerve to call fat, ugly and tasteless) is apparently exceedingly gracious. Oh, did I mention I have an English degree–so sarcastic comments on that topic will not serve you.

      So in closing, Dt, I’m going to leave you with a little proverbial fat to chew on. I’m pretty sure that Gretchen would cringe reading what you wrote here. I’m quite sure that if she believes you represent her fan base, she’s going to be more depressed than Mondo and Andy were after the runway show.


    6. Gretchen’s Mom, shouldn’t you be somewhere consoling your child? Being the most hated Project Runway winner in history has to bruise her ego at least a little.


    7. First I have to laugh at the intitials DT… because the first thought that came to mind is ” dysfunctional taste ” and that would seem pretty fitting seeing as you are defending Granola girl. I have to wonder what has prompted you to appeal to us ” haters ” to crawl into a hole… is it possibly you are a relative or close friend of Wretchen? So… we have an opinion. It’s obvious that you do as well. We just don’t share your sentiment and it’s obvious why. We have intelligence, style, grace and sophisitication and don’t feel the need to wear a diaper that is not ever going to be in style.


  2. Jess, I agree with you. Gretchen was conceited, and her sea of brown clothing was nothing but mud—boring. Mondo was my favorite and the most creative, and I did enjoy Andy’s clothes more than Gretchen’s.


    1. Hi Eyre,

      I did think Gretchen was conceited/conniving (though I know they heavily edit the clips on TV, lol)…seems like they rewarded high drama more than high fashion, in this season (just my opinion).

      I did not care for the sea of brown clothing either. I liked both Mondo’s / Andy’s (more so due to aesthetic appeal / I’m not a fashion designer, so my “eye” for the actual construction of clothes might not be very good).


      1. I think that the producers encouraged an environment conducive towards a Lord of the Flies atmosphere, so they really deserve more blame than Gretchen or Ivy or any of the competitors.


  3. Hi Dt,

    My profile pic is on the right sidebar of this blog. A bigger photo of myself is on my bio page, on this blog, @

    I have some facebook pictures, they’re just not what I select for my profile pic (sometimes, a drawing “says more”). One pic here:

    YouTube, I have dance videos, such as the Daft Punk Bodies routine: (excuse the lack of smiles; was concentrating on the dance steps!)

    FYI, this is in no way a “Gretchen hate blog.” It’s my personal blog, and I can write whatever I want on it. This just happens to be one post on an episode of Project Runway (in which Gretchen Jones emerged as winner). And personally, I do find Gretchen’s designs uninspiring (but that’s just me).

    I would not have ranted if Mondo, Andy, or Michael took the top spot. I am not trying “to gather haters against Gretchen.” Gretchen has fans too; I’m not disgruntled about that. What I AM disgruntled about is that creativity and originality/vision were not rewarded. That is what I consider to be a disgrace. It seems like the judges were very one-track-minded in selecting the winner. I did not get the impression that they gave enough objective consideration to the other two contestants’ collections (Andy and Mondo, in this case). They dismissed Andy’s too quickly…Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were VERY adamant that Mondo did not edit the long-sleeved polka dot dress (according to their critique, the day before), and hence were fawning over Gretchen. Never mind each person’s character, and/or fanbase, etc. The whole judging process was just very poorly executed, in my opinion.

    Not-so-objectively, Andy has great work ethic (and really showed a different side for the final collection / something very soft/elegant, compared to his edgier rock designs), and Mondo bared a lot of his soul to the viewers (which I think many viewers found touching / regarding his HIV-status, etc). Why shouldn’t these qualities be recognized/awarded? Split the $100,000 amongst the top 3, I wouldn’t have ranted against that either, lol. It’s quite a lot of money, which can really help a designer launch their own clothing line.

    If commercial wear is what the judges were looking for (from the start), then they shouldn’t have bothered with each designer cultivating their own unique style/vision. The name of the show should be changed to “Project Off The Rack,” or “Project Garcia & Kors.” I remember that Emilio Sosa didn’t get the top spot last season, BECAUSE his collection was “a line,” and not “a fashion show.” Now, the judges are just contradicting themselves with their criteria! More so Nina Garcia and Michael Kors; Heidi & Jessica Simpson did appreciate some elements of Mondo’s collection. Andy’s collection for the FINAL show, was a bit muted (maybe the judges want more colour + “pizazz” for the final collection, which is understandable).

    If this is the new standard of PR, it’ll be “Auf Wiedersehen!” (German for “goodbye,” and what Heidi Klum says to each contestant, when they’re off the show) to Project Runway, from a LOT of disgruntled viewers…


    1. Jes U have no need to xplain ur self to anybody in your blog, ppl should respect a private opinion as my opinion is that Mondo should have won and not gretchen. Gretchen has no fashion taste, she can make cloths but she has no fashion taste theres a difference, fashions is new , colorful, playful, somethin out of the ordinary, stuff with its own spirit gretchen makes cloths that r already out there, and seriously DIPERS its just beyond ridiculous, not only that but they were badly made everythin was wrinkle and the pantie lines were showin under her diper-panties thingy whatever it was, there were no color, no soul nothin new or sophisticated bout it! it wasnt even a safe matter it was just blah!
      Mondo, Michael C and Andy were amazin collections, full of energy, color, soul. sophistication everythin was amazin and well made, every single detail was takin care of nothin was left behind even the last wrinkle was perfected this was a very very nasty situation from the moment Michael C was kicked out because even with his monotone color pallete his designs were 1000% more perfect and beautiful than Gretchens,


      1. Hi mg,

        Mm-hmm, everybody is entitled to their own tastes. To me, the diapers are “beyond ridiculous” also, and I’m interested to know how Nina Garcia and Michael Kors think this is what women want to buy/wear, LOL. I was just not inspired by her designs/collections at all. To me, it was really lacking in soul too + nothing sophisticated.

        I liked Michael C’s colour palette too! It was cohesive, and feminine (though I understand if some people find the feathers/ruffles a bit much — I think they looked better on the runway than in the workroom, lol). I thought Andy’s creation for the “resort wear” challenge was really nice too. April’s black garment (which won the challenge) seemed a lot more boudoir than resort wear.

        Wonder what Tim Gunn has to say…


    2. Jess…….while i agree with you on many points , i do also know we all have our own opinions, as you know they are like assholes, we all have them but they don’t mean much in the big scheme of things..If I pointed out to you all of my opinions you would not be very happy with me…Theres a fine line between making opinions & personnal attacks & many of these people have made personnal attacks against some who can’t defend themselves & thats cowardly……….i also think mondo is unbeliavably talented & possibly more than gretchen however thats not my decision & if I’m going to make an opinion it won’t be by tearing a sister down…….from the begining i thought gretchen was as good as mondo however towards the end she seemed to lose a little ……………….i would say if you really want to do something about it & make changes do it the right way by working your way to the top, like being a contestant, be a judge, (probably not happening though) so in the meantime i will respect & concur with the people who have done it the hard & old fashioned way, earning it… i said before most of you people who are slamming gretchen can’t hold a candle to her, however if you think you can, prove it by actions & not by trying to tear her down, especially when you don’t even know her & shes not here to defend herself…………by the way, a nice picture of you & that tells me 10 times more than any drawing or rendition, however thats just my opinion…………DT


      1. can you see what i mean about people making dumb opinions??? putting a link on facebook to your opinions “gretchen fail” thats a private opinion?? gimme a break..face book is a public forum in case you didn’t know mg………..then look at her opinions, she probaly is a nobody who has done nothing, but yet has big opinions on why gretchen is so bad….what a joke………..
        ” look at michael his designs were a 1000% more perfect & beautiiful than gretchens” OMG you are a real gem……..


    3. A very well written blog. Congratulations.
      I was so shocked and incensed when they named Gretchen the winner I just shut the TV off immediately! I could not believe it and still can’t.. I think Michael C is a better designer then Gretchen and should have been in the final three. Mondo was the clear winner and Andy was second on that night.
      I found Gretchen’s collection to be boring and monotone. I saw this stuff on hippies back in the 60’s and 70’s And what the he** can you say about the grundies?! Yuck!
      But I was glad to see you addressed Michael Kors rudeness. He was red faced and almost shouting! P seriously think he’s afraid of someone with Mondo’s talent to come out and show him up on the design stage. He was way out of line. Both he and Nina were pushing so hard for Gretchen it makes you go hmm
      Thanks for the links.


  4. Hi Dt,

    You can view the general air/attitude of discontent of the viewers on the PR page. My opinion is a personal opinion that I have made public (as everybody else has on PR’s facebook page, lol). Yes, I could have kept quiet, but it is too aggravating/annoying to “sit back and let pass” (for now, at least).

    I agree that some people’s comments against Gretchen are personal attacks. I have seen some really vicious/mean comments on the judges’ pages too! Why are so many people pissed? Because rewarding high drama > high fashion, on a show that’s supposed to be about fashion = not a joke.

    P.S. I’ve done (and continue to do) some things, though I channel my creative energy into a department other than fashion (writing department, which also demands some level of creativity/talent/hard work, to really succeed in the long-term / not just a fad). Press page lists some of the things I’ve been doing @

    And I totally agree with you that someone should do something, if they want to get somewhere in life / get to the top (as in do it / do something, not just sit down and complain). I do that by creating stories / writing books that I would like to see, published by the NYC traditional publishers [it’s a very long-winded process to get traditionally published / it can take several years to first gain representation by a literary agent, and then several years to gain the interest of an editor, and then several years to get a book published. Hello? Personally, I do not have the time nor desire to run around relying on other people to “get my work somewhere,” after they’ve unanimously decided that it is “acceptable” enough].

    So perhaps that’s why my “reaction” was/is very strong. Creativity and individualism will always mean something significant to me, which I thought Andy, Mondo, and Michael Costello had a lot of. AND, which I thought they weren’t rewarded for. This blog post of mine is just one way to show my support/appreciation for them/their work/their efforts, since PR obviously didn’t!

    P.P.S. Thanks for the nice comment about my picture(s). I like the drawings because they’re bolder / more unusual.


    1. how sweet least my well thought out response is not bragging about myself & how many thousands i make & how i am so great which i can assure is many more than you will ever make & it is all based on my taste … are sickining & probably just some fat ugly puke sitting behind a computer screen, just another wannabe.,……i never said mondos clothes weren’t nice ………get a life a go brag to somebody who will actually believe you or should i say me me me, its all about me, i’m so good & rich & beautiful, everybody lives by my tastes & its me me me …lol, what a joke


  5. Speaking of “dumb opinions,” Dt, your opinions are quite dumb. And the whole “well thought out” comment made towards you was in jest, I’d imagine. Considering you cannot fathom a complete sentence that’s grammatically correct, I have a hard time believing anyone with an ounce of intelligence thought your ranting and raving was “well thought out.”

    Since, according to you, we’re all just fat, ugly and have zero taste, please post your resume so we may see if you have the credentials to post such a “well thought out” opinion on Gretchen’s line.

    “He who lives in glass houses should not throw stones.” I’m sure someone like you has heard that a time or two.

    The hypocrisy of the judges on the show is mind blowing. They loved Mondo’s HIV status inspired pants, but thought the plaid printed pants on the runway were too much? They eliminated Michael C for using one color palette, yet reward Gretchen with the prize when she did the exact same thing? April caught hell for creating diaper panties, but it was awesome for Gretchen?

    Her accessories were contradictory to her design. She had heavy metal necklaces that overpowered the outfits, which were supposed to give an easy, whimsical feeling. That bright fushia lipstick made them look like pornstars. The hair styling made them look like they just rolled out of bed. It was a hot mess.

    I didn’t realize I was watching Project Walmart.


    1. wow now we have an english major here……my ranting and raving, take another look at who the haters are & whos ranting & raving…my opionions are dumb??? how about you are an idiot moron who can’t think of something original to say……you are obviously a hater too……post my resume, for you??? LOL yeah right !!!

      “Considering you cannot fathom a complete sentence” ….you just prove how dumb you really are…..

      go anylyze my spelling and grammar ya big hater………


      1. Actually, you are ranting and raving. You were the first one to open your mouth on this blog. The blog owner has every right to post her opinions on her personal blog. You were the one who came up in here looking for a fight.

        Your opinion is dumb. You offer no criticism to back up your claim that Gretchen was the best designer on that show. You offer no argument. You just came on this website, chest puffed out like some tough guy and said “JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED! YOU ALL ARE UGLY, FAT, AND HAVE NO TASTE! HAHAHA!” Honestly, who do you think you are talking to? Your girlfriends around the lunch table in your high school cafeteria? Here’s a hint: If you want people to take you seriously, you have to offer valid, to-the-point arguments to back up your claim. No one will take you seriously, otherwise.

        Also, don’t use big words you don’t understand. No, I’m not an English major. I’m just sick of people like you thinking just because you use all caps, lots of ellipses, and feel the need to pick on peoples’ real life looks and body types that your opinion, no matter how misinformed, stupid, and whiny it is, is more important than anyone else’s.


      2. “go anylyze my spelling and grammar ya big hater………”

        Thanks for proving that Gretchen’s target market is not only taste-impaired and semiliterate, but also as bitterly full of themselves as Gretchen is.

        Have you taken your medication lately? I ask because, since anti-depressants became widely available, no one has desired attire as ghastly as Gretchen’s.


      3. Oh yea, I’m totally a hater because people don’t need a Secret Decoder Ring to understand what I’m saying.


      4. Dt, you are a very sad person. Perhaps you should get some help with your anger, low self esteem, and grammar. Just saying.


  6. yes i do have my chest all puffed out……i don’t like haters like you …you make me sick, attacking people who can’t defend themselves, you should be ashamed….

    who’s posts are you reading, i use all caps ?? THESE ARE CAPS
    & here is the defenition of ellipse (what are you talking about??) personnaly i don’t think you have any clue to whats going on here…
    Ellipse, closed plane curve consisting of all points for which the sum of the distances between a point on the curve and two fixed points (foci) is the same. It is the conic section formed by …

    i am keeping my opinion to myself, maybe you should try the same big mouth hater….

    here are some very big words for you ….. GO AWAY AND BOTHER SOMEBODY ELSE, PLEASE!!!!!!


  7. I think we should all buy at least one Mondo T-shirt. Cross or Skull? He’ll get his $100,000 real quick!!!


  8. WOW!!!!!!!! I happen to agree very much with your post. It was a total fail. But this season has been lackluster to say the least.


  9. Jess – So glad you also liked Michael C! I LOVED his clothes and would buy them in a heartbeat! Notice on that Mondo is all sold out, Andy is 1/2 sold out and Gretchen has NOTHING sold out! That is proof enough for me! Let the marketplace decide who won! MAYBE the judges didn’t want to curse Mondo by making him the winner? Once they win on PR they seem to never be heard from again while the “losers” – @Austin Scarlet @Santino Rice and others go on to be more famous. (only exception out of the 7 previous winners is Christian Siriano).


  10. I think a large part of the public anger over Gretchen’s win has more to do with the judges than with Gretchen herself. It’s never one way across the board with these judges. Their point of view turns on a dime.

    There’s nothing wrong with Gretchen’s line, per se. It is exactly what the judges decreed, ready to wear for a budget conscious America. It’s commerically viable. And yes, many more women will dress in her clothing than Mondo’s, which is more daring. Why will more women wear Gretchen’s? Because it’s SAFE. It’s ‘normal.’

    However, according to the judges, there’s a difference between a ‘line’ and a ‘collection.’ My problem, is that they chose a ready to wear line over a high fashion runway COLLECTION.

    Celebrities and socialites do NOT attend Fashion Week to see off the rack from Macy’s. No high falutin’ big name fashion designer is going to put ‘average’ and ‘safe’ down the runway. In fact, many of these big name designer’s collections are beyond bizarre and wearable, bordering on the cartoony.

    These are specialty couture garments that are meant to stand out, not blend in with the crowd.

    Mondo’s garments were standout. You remember them. Gretchen’s are too familiar, too “Retro-Greensleeves”, too ren-faire rehash. You remember them too….unfortunately, because you already wore it in 1970.

    I don’t think it’s so much about Gretchen’s likeability factor. Other less popular folks have won PR…Irina, Jeffrey, etc. There wasn’t the public backlash over it because they really put on a show, and the judges stuck to their well publicized principles of what a runway show should be.

    And those seemed to be truly fair competitions. Gretchen’s win seems to have been pre-ordained from casting, and that’s not fair to the other designers who believed they were there to have a fair shake.

    I blame the judges for this, not Gretchen. Truth is, I wouldn’t wear either Gretchen’s or Mondo’s clothes…but I think Mondo deserved the win on this.


    1. Sophie- I think you made some really credible points! I think that is what a lot of people are feeling-ROBBED because you are right…I couldn’t stand Irina but her talent was UNDENIABLE!!!! I too felt like her win was ‘planned’

      I know a lot of people say that they really wouldn’t wear Mondo’s clothes but they may not be 100% wearable on the runway but his stuff is truly wearable for the woman who does not want to be frumpy. Some pieces are way too daring for me but he had so many things that mix and match…with other things. I’m not a bold person but I don’t mind a bold piece of clothing to give some spark to my other more ‘plain’ attire

      Okay I’m going to stop posting on these threads and blogs because its done. LE SIGH
      But I’m not watching PR again!


  11. Jess, you are fabulous and you give us a lot to think about here. I think PR needs two new judges, to be picked by Tim Gunn, the voice of reason, humanity, and (oh yeah) good taste on the show. At the very least, they need to give us an explanation if not an outright apology.

    Meanwhile, I know what you mean about wanting to buy Mondo and Andy’s clothes if the right sizes are available (heh). Maybe that’s why I’m lusting most of all after Mondo’s hot pink bag with black pom poms. But yeah, I like what you say about Andy’s models especially, I had kinda noticed that but not consciously.


  12. Dt, you feel a little psycho/obsessed to me. We get it, you’re into Gretchen. Good for her, she’s got a handful of fans, but for the rest of us–her collection quite simply tanked, and could not compare to Mondo or Andy’s or Michael C.’s. Incidentally, you point out that opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one, and you set down 9 of yours here … hmmm. And comparing Gretchen stealing a Project Runway win because she must have stock in Lifetime or something as JUSTICE, is a little overly dramatic, don’t you think?
    Jess, I loved and thoroughly concurred with your review/critque.I was stunned that Andy was summarily dismissed, and have heard this from a number of very sophisticated fashion insiders. I have a very close friend who is in the apparel industry and knows a number of former PR contestants. The buzz is one of incredulousness and annoyance. There was clearly an agenda operating here that had little to do with forward-thinking and show-stopping design. All three of the final men had this quality as well as impeccable construction. The reason this win means something, is because there are amazing prizes and door-openers associated with this show, and Mondo and/or Andy didn’t seem to stand a chance.
    Both Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum have publically stated that they wanted Mondo to win. But i the end, as dt has informed us, justice was served and Gretchen will fade into oblivion with her title, and we can hopefully be safe from grannie-undies in khaki or fake-vested, kerchief-print peasant gowns. Good God, there is really not accounting for taste!


  13. Sorry for my bitchiness, I’m such a stupid gay fuck. OK OK, so Andy and Mondo deserve to win I get it, but I LOOOVE Gretchen’s diaper pants and would wear them to the mall, to school and to church! Hell, I would even sleep in them too! I LOOVE Grechen, I would marry her!! Her sunken cheesk are so hot and it makes me sweat! I’m such a gay fuck!


    1. I will try to respond to the other comments soon — but I was really interested in what you said, because:

      1) Most of the gay guys I know have very good taste / sense of style. What is it you find so fascinating about Gretchen’s diaper pants, that you would even wear them to church? Are you sure it is appropriate wear in which to enter a religious domain? Sartorially, I already consider it a blasphemous fashion crime, but that’s just me.

      2) If you’re gay, why would you entertain the idea of marrying Gretchen? Does that mean she’s like a man, and hence you are physically attracted to her??

      3) Also, why are you posting as “Dt,” when you’re not the original “Dt” who posted? Firstly, your avatar is different. That aside, the way you type / express yourself is different :)

      Makes me wonder all the more about Gretchen’s fan base O_O…


  14. Epilogue: Was returning a well-meant but way off the mark birthday gift at @dressbarn today (yuck!) and ALL of their clothing looked like Gretchen’s line! I commented on this fact to the cashier and she said I was not the first to point that out to her. Wow – that IS what women are wearing *now*. Let’s hope it passes – fast! As HK says: “One day you are in – the next day you are out.” : )


  15. Reading this post – or namely looking at the photo’s, just re-aggravated my… madness! Er, I mean.. displeasureness! Or something. Ugh. Michael C’s design that you posted was breath taking. And Gretchn won. Those UGLY ASS GRANNY PANTIES WON!!


  16. I googled the line about Gretchen saying she was betting than DVF… and Google asked:

    Did you mean: Gretchen Jones said he’s better than Diane von Furstenberg

    I about choked on my fruit bar. I never did find what you were referring to, was laughing too hard.

    Anywho, I never considered that the reason Gretchen won would be because she was a white female. I thought that she had her lips locked around something long, veiny and hard. But it could be your reason, also. :p

    No really… like I said in my blog… I’ve been perplexed from the start. Had I known that that was only the start of what was to come, I would not have bothered with the rest of the season.


  17. is clear you have put in lots of work..someone posted your link on my page. great insight..and I will also write a letter.
    please spread the word about our page..we are really trying hard to show up in large numbers so the network will HAVE to listen…we dont want to bash anyone ..we are just trying to come together collectively to do the right thing!!



  18. Hi Vanessa,

    If I remember correctly, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors said that Gretchen Jone’s fashion is where fashion is NOW. Pardon me, but a true innovator/designer/visionary is not interested in being around “today” — what they want is to be around tomorrow. If you line up Andy’s, Mondo’s, and Michael C’s collection alongside Gretchen’s, it is very clear that Gretchen’s has a commercial appeal (to the demographic of female customers she has identified as her customer base, right from the start). That’s all fine and good, but Project Runway fans like the showy, fantasy, larger-than-life aspects of fashion. And as Heidi always states, what’s in today, is out tomorrow. In 10 year’s time, it is highly likely that Andy’s, Mondo’s, and Michael C’s creations will still look appealing. Why? Because they have a timeless appeal, and because they have substance / something to say, aesthetically. Their creations speak to the woman who wants to dress up / stand out in a crowd, not to the woman who wants to cover up / blend in with “the boho-chic” crowd (Gretchen’s designs are suitable for that).

    You can look at the comment by Pamluvspr @ She knows some fashion insiders too. I guess the circle of fashion insiders each of you knows varies greatly in terms of sophistication.

    And before you call me biased — maybe you might want to point the finger at the judges and the network first. They are the ones who did not state clearly to viewers that the show’s become about commercial fashion this season (for the finale), not high fashion / the type of fashion that rewards and recognizes creativity, talent, originality, vision, and innovation.

    And remember that anyone can sell a boatload of items NOW, because it’s all part of a trend. When the trend dies down, is the person versatile enough to step up their game? Only time will tell :)

    P.S. It’s like Twilight and the boatload of vampire romance / YA paranormal books that came after. Same for the music industry. Yes, whatever is trendy might sell aplenty. But at the end of the day (or decade), can they line up alongside something classic? That’s the problem with mass market commercialism. The artistic integrity goes right out the window, and all you have is yet another commodity. The official rewarding of this with regards to PR Season 8 = public outcry + backlash, and rightly so. My $0.02. And you can’t deny the fact that Mondo’s collection sold out in the private sale on SeenOn, while Andy sold half, and Gretchen, 40%. Doesn’t that speak for itself, to some extent?


  19. In response to Vanessa above. My best friend is a consultant for a number of the largest manufacturing and design firms in the country–a group of recognizable fashion labels. She travels all over the world and attends numerous conferences yearly regarding trends and the latest and greatest news in fashion production–her father was in the business before her. She sent me the link to Jess’s critique, BTW.

    She knows about half of the former Project Runway contestants, and has represented some of them in post-production job search. I have been watching and studying fashion alongside of her since we were children, so I can vouch for not only the general consensus among fashion insiders that Gretchen’s win was incomprehensible/a farce, but also that she is NOT where fashion is NOW or in the future. She simply does not comply with any of the trend notes that my friend conveys to me on a regular basis. It was ludicrous of Michael K. and Nina to declare this season as a “sportwear moment” as sportswear has had a consistent and regular place in fashion for generations. Nor would most of us consider Gretchen a sportwear designer, but rather a ready-to-wear or off the rack designer. I also just moved from Portland, OR a year ago, and nothing I saw there then spoke to Gretchen’s aesthetic, which I can assure you is not “hipster” by any definition. It is Chico’s/Coldwater Creek with some flare. In the scheme of the field of designers on this season’s PR, Gretchen wasn’t in my top 6.

    This is all debatable, to be sure, Vanessa, but to come on someone’s blog as if you are some sort of afficionado and declare that she should stop writing about fashion, when she clearly has knowledge, taste, and an informed opinion indicates to me that you are another one of those 12 Gretchen fans who have been running around blasting through the majority opinions on every website/blog that is discussing this. Nick Vieros and Laura Bennett and TIM GUNN himself (as well as Heidi Klum) have all PUBLICALLY stated that they were unhappy with the outcome of this show, as well as entirely perplexed as to Michael and Nina’s flip-flopping critiques. Bearing that in mind, as well as my opinion, my industry-insider friend, and a number of her high-profile fashion luminary associates … I’m pretty confident that Jess should not only continue blogging about fashion, but you might want to take another look at your point of view.

    There are certainly multiple perspectives on fashion during any given season.Great designers tank and mediocre ones have their moment. But Gretchen will, and I will bet you dollars to donuts on this one, fade into relative obscurity.


  20. Oh, a final thought on this one: The day after the finale, Mondo’s designs were nearly ALL sold out. At the the time I checked that afternoon NOT A ONE of Gretchen’s had yet sold. That speaks volumes (as Nina would say) about appeal.

    I hear that now one of Gretchen’s granny-undie outfits (the one with the shiny, short-sleeved, belted jacket) has sold. I’m dying to see the buyer show up somewhere in those.

    Later today I’m going to pull out my orange, crushed-velvet Laurie Partridge mini-dress and don a nice, thick set of opaque flesh colored tights and a pair of walabies, and a chevron-inspired necklace that weighs more than an Olympic medal to celebrate the innovative vibe of Gretchen.


      1. … and my modified-mullet hairstyle, as well as brassy-is-as-brassy-does haircolor!! :-) I agree, Katie, didn’t look like $9K to me at all. She must have paid that blacksmith a lot of $$ to forge that jewelry.

        When someone describes to a hairstylist that she’d like her models to look like they have “hat-head,” when her footwear looks like she raided an orthopedist’s closet, when she puts a skirt so rouched that it looks like she’s hoisting a sail out of her hips OVER a pair of spanks … then I’ve got to question that person’s taste level. Gretchen should have been out in the group challenge. She dodged a major bullet when someone forgave her self-described “grandfather jacket.”

        UGH, I’m trying to get over this and get back to my real job, but it’s not easy when I think of the look of bewilderment on Mondo’s face. Incidentally, I would wear Mondo’s polka-dot dress before any item in Gretchen’s final collection.


  21. I did not care for any of Gretchen’s pieces. That was $9,000 worth of materials????????? Boring, unflattering and nothing more can be said of the hideous granny pants. I thought the final three should have been April, MOndo and Andy with Mondo as the winner.

    It was a FASHION SHOW not the Kohl’s Department Store fall line! Fashion is supposed to be fun, fresh and exciting. It’s supposed to make you say, “wow.” Designers are supposed to SET the trends, not follow the trends. Gretchen’s stuff just doesn’t hold up.

    Did her personality impact viewers opinion of her? Of course it did and she would be wise to learm a bit of humility and self awareness.


    1. love your post Katie. LOL…..actually kind of an insult to Kohls since I’d probably wear anything from their fall fashion line over anything I saw Gretchen make. It’s all so proposterous. I’m wondering if they (producers etc) started this controversy just so we’d all talk about it and generate curiousity. All I know is the only way to really get back at them is to stop watching. Hopefully the ratings will plummet and poof they are off the air.


  22. ^Katie – well said too! I am not sure it’s “humility” that Gretchen is lacking – it’s something else. She appeared to me to have REAL issues – with her mood swings and her “I DESERVE to win this because … (1) I have sacrificed EVERYTHING to come here; (2) my boyfriend left me; (3) I am BROKE, BROKE, BROKE.” It was just weirdly unsettling. You could SEE the wheels turning inside of her head as she went through the weeks. The “If this fabric is an issue – it’s gone!” moment was just one instance where she seemed so – desperate. When being openly aggressive failed her she became passive-aggressive. (she suddenly LOVED Michael C???) I would have liked to hear more of April’s comments at the finale where she seemed to be accusing Gretchen of being “phony”? Was that what she was saying – or was it something else? It got cut off so abruptly.


    1. The woman is clearly a nut. She is manipulative bordering on psychopathic. When her bullying aggressiveness failed her and everyone started to gang up on her she turned on the water works. She had the nerve to state in an interview that she could see why so many people liked Mondo after he stated his HIV positive status. What a slap in the face for Mondo and all of his fans. Sure, pity is why everyone prefers Mondo over her. It has nothing to do with his fabulous designs and equally fab personality. And why on earth did she “deserve” to win because she was broke? In the episode with L’Oreal challenge Mondo stated that he had something like $26 in his bank account and it would be awesome if he won but he didn’t cry and throw himself a pity party. Oops, I’m ranting :P


  23. ^Pamluvspr – When you’re putting together your new “Gretchen inspired look” don’t forget your “Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego” hat! ; > (OMG THOSE hats!!!! UGH!!!!!)


  24. Gretchen…. blah. I can’t believe ugly granny panties won out over creative beauty. I wouldn’t put Gretchen’s trash on a dog… a pig? Maybe. I’ve been a fan of PR since season 1, no more. What a disappointment, i’m so sad… :(


  25. as european born and raised
    NINA G , and MICHAEL K , take my advice , STEP DOWN from the judges chairs, you have no taste & style at all , both of u have 90 years old person vision
    GRETCHEN GRANOLA DIAPERS ….i would like to see who the hell will buy u’r clothes ??:)):)), u’r clothes is wall mart & kmart style , i wont give any of my pennies for u’r clothes ……blah blah blah


  26. My first reaction, after the shock wore off, was: Doesn’t Heidi produce the show? Couldn’t she have told Kors and Garcia to auf off?

    Then I felt that I—and everyone else rooting for Mondo—had been given the old bait-and-switch: Praise Mondo pretty consistently all season for his bold and electrifying use of color and patterns, then pull the rug out from under him (and us) by deeming his collection too out there and circuslike for a runway show. Hello, it’s Fashion Week at Lincoln-freakin’-Center. It’s the time and the place for high fashion drama and pizzazz!

    What kills me is that Kors and Garcia spent most of the season chastising designers such as Peach and Casanova for not skewing young enough in their designs. Or Kors and Garcia would say that a design looked too ready to wear. All of a sudden, they seemed really concerned that middle-aged women could not wear Mondo’s clothes. They didn’t seem to care about that issue last year when they chose Seth Allen’s collection over Emilio’s, which definitely had some stylish ensembles that women of any age could wear.

    As for Gretchen’s collection, one word came to mind: schmatta. It’s one of those Yiddish words that means so much, as in:

    First woman: What a nice poncho!
    Second woman: This schmatta? I found it at Goodwill for two dollars!

    I had no idea until the finale that a runway show composed of schmatta was the height of cutting-edge fashion.

    Finally, wasn’t Gretchen’s much-praised jewelry the same darn thing, over and over and over?


    1. wow….i totally believe it. What a loser. I know it’s shallow and I usually try and make my arguments based on logic, intelligence, etc. But, I just can’t get past the mullet. lol. Sorry but had to go there.


  27. I’m not sure why Gretchen was not disqualified? I thought the final runway show was supposed to be complete looks? She had one look with just a jacket and underwear. That is not a complete look. Where am I going with just a jacket and undies?


    1. I don’t see why she wasn’t disqualifies after the challenge where they designed their own fabric. She blatantly copied an existing object. Gretchen’s design wasn’t based on the sun bonnet, it is an almost exact replica of the Zuni Sun Bonnet right down to the color. The Zuni Sun Bonnet is used in many items (jewelry, pottery, etc.) crafted by the Zuni native American tribe. They make these beautiful hand crafted works of art and then a leech like Gretchen comes along and rips them off, giving them absolutely zero credit. Disgusting.


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