Taboo Sex


This outline below would be in reference to “Book17” on the writing page. I try to work alongside the list of projects on the writing page (whether it’s listed on or offline — I like having that list where I can “check things off,” once I’ve completed them ^^).


I’m not sure what “taboo sex” actually consists of (since what’s “kinky” to one person might be natural/standard fare to another)…but to “keep with the theme” of this collection…I hope I’ll be able to do something “interesting” with the psychological component (which is part of S/M play anyway).

Personally, I think ‘BDSM’ is more than a riding crop and a blindfold. There’s a big difference between sex in the porn sense, and sex in the erotic sense. The latter is not just a sexual thing — it’s a spiritual thing whereby the erotic is the deepest life force.

Summary: I will TRY to do something interesting/authentic with this s.story collection…but I’ll shelve it, if I don’t think it’s up to standard ^^. I have another couple of books that will be banned everywhere due to some aspects of the content (can see writing page for a bit more info), but I think I can manage those two…and I’ll get to some other non-erotic projects too in Jan 2011, since I’ve done the outlines.

P.S. Am also waiting for the print proof copy of Business Plan.02, on building a positive mindset + attitude.


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