2011 Rough Timetable


(in no particular order)

1. Have a booklist / downloadable PDF catalogue of my books/products (I’ve had some blog visitors typing “jess c scott booklist” — I think that would, indeed, be convenient)

2. Set up jessINK (I’ll get to this, after some new material is complete)

3. Try out LSI (Lightning Source) — late 2011, or later (I loathe the whole ISBN thing)

4. Continue doing original work (troublesome as this can be)

5. Get one super-banned erotic short novel out (image #2, below)

6. Stay on schedule (I have at least 20 individual projects to get to — think I’ll just stay focused and clear them one by one, instead of attempting to “multi-task”)

7. Organize dragon novella notes (image #1, below)

dragon_story_outlineincest_outlines // Notes! Outlines!


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