Whatever’s Best For Customers


The one day in the month that I force myself to actually not work (as in, not write/edit anything), is the day I have to reach out for my bottle of Midol (*hint*).

This is just a short but comprehensive update. I might jump around with my thoughts (points to Midol).

1. I’ll be starting work on jessINK today. Maybe just a rough template so that at least I will finally have a store where readers/customers can purchase from me directly. I’ve mentioned it enough times and had better set it up as soon as I can. I might take 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months to set it up (but definitely not 2 years — the average time it takes for a traditional publisher to get a book out).

2. 4:Play was a pretty big/complex project (that took maybe 6 months to complete). It crosses many genres for an erotic short story collection. I enjoyed getting the hard part done first (the full anthology), then chopping it up later (so the full anthology is priced @ $4.99, while the individual short stories or novellas are at a lower price, for people to pick and choose and try out whatever they’d like ^^). I think I’m going to continue this modus operandi for future projects, so I don’t annoy both myself and customers. I like to do my best to provide value for money, and will continue to ensure that something I price at $2.99 (or whatever price — ideally not more than $4.99, for fiction, from now) will be worth it.

I am not totally senseless when it comes to business, but the creative aspect in my personality is very strong — I tend to work with “whatever I feel like” at the moment (not “where the money is” / in terms of genre, etc). IN THE END, I think it will all be pretty much the same (in terms of income), so in order not to confuse people and potentially get them to make repeat purchases on similar items, I will try to complete full anthologies first, then split it up (like how I did with 4:Play). This clashes with my previous plan of “working as fast as possible / getting more material out asap,” but in the long term, I think this is something customers will appreciate, which I will, in turn, be appreciative of.

3. As stated in a previous blog post, I had three basic financial goals with regards to writing fiction. I am on my way to making a living from writing fiction, so I’m a bit “ugh” at being slowed down by jessINK + LSIBUT these are necessary things in the long run. And since I’m a very DIY type of person that enjoys doing a lot of things [writing, editing, design, web design — as is said in Hokkien, bao ka liao (“do everything”)]…it is natural for me to see to these additional things myself :)

4. I will update on Twitter and/or on this blog, when I have something to mention (–> points to “email updates” on right sidebar, or “subscribe RSS” button right at the bottom). I’m not even sure how I’m going to see to all the things I have “to do” — set things up on LSI, set up new website, get to new projects…but they’ll be done, sooner or later. I’ll probably have a “new” section (for just-published material), and have updates on the front page of jessINK later. Whatever is easiest for readers/customers, lol. Will follow the basic template of dragonsinn.net.

P.S. I am likely to have a “banned” or “mature audience” section on the new website — but I don’t really intend to split the genres up (as in, have a website only for “erotica” material / material that deals with sex/uality). I feel I’d be splitting customers up that way (from emails/etc, I’ve some customers who do check out both the erotic and non-erotic material). I never wanted to go with a separate pen name for erotic material. I don’t know why. I guess to me, it’s just another genre (which, DUE to the sexual content, tends to pique people’s interest/curiosity and/or push their buttons)…I stand by the whole range (mature audience or no), and the website will reflect this ^^. I will have warning signs though…(“do not read/click” = more eye-catching = more people checking it out).

* * *

Currently listening to: The Warning (live), Nine Inch Nails.


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