PubIt! Missing Keywords, Sample Button


My eBooks are on B&N via PubIt! I recently noticed that:

1) my keywords are all missing (within the individual product pages, in my account)

2) some of my books had been randomly listed as “public domain” books (no, none of them are, lol!)

3) the “sample” button is randomly missing on some of my product pages.

I wrote to the customer service/PubIt! team, who replied after four days:

Thanks for your question, and sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you. We are aware of this issue and are working to fix it ASAP. So sorry for the inconvenience.

I thanked them for the reply (appreciated the response). I’ve also updated the front page of jessINK with the following note:

* 11 Feb 2011: Some of Jess’s books on B&N are randomly missing the “download”/sample button [the customer service team is “trying to get the issue fixed ASAP” (as stated in their email reply)]. If there are any formatting issues with your download/purchase via B&N, please contact Jess so that she can send you a nicely formatted ePUB (the document appears differently on her computer, Nook preview, AND Nook library…).

I was initially checking a couple of my books’ download samples. One of the samples was really quite, quite atrocious, and to my knowledge, I think that one’s been fixed (The Other Side of Life). For some reason, the ePUB document loads different on my computer, Nook Preview, and Nook Library…but if all goes well, I think the new files should load properly (which I’m unable to check at the moment, with some books, due to the missing “download” button).


I recently started work on a short story (Jack in the Box). I’ll get back to the remaining bdsm-themed stories, once JitB is done.

My first proof from LSI arrived recently (EyeLeash: A Blog Novel). I approved the proof — not sure when it’ll start being available for sale on the various distributors’ websites (will keep a lookout!). I submitted the PDF files for the other two print titles also. I thought I messed up with one of the interior text files, but was happy to see the word “BOOKBLK ACCEPTED” in my LSI account.


Hardworking and ambitious people can be very motivated by negativity, at times.

I like intensity. I like the challenge of owning my own life. It is something I will fight for everyday, if I need to.

My perspective is very much influenced by the following quote:

“I criticize by creation, not by finding fault.” ~ [Marcus Tullius Cicero (Ancient Roman Lawyer, Writer, Scholar, Orator and Statesman, 106 BC-43 BC)]

Perverse as it sounds, I enjoy channeling negativity (from both myself and others) straight into my work. It keeps me focused, on task, and motivated.

And I’m thankful for anything that makes me more productive [quite a Virgo thing to say, if I may say so ;)].

I wasn’t really this way, during my (less sophisticated and semi-wayward) teenage years. I was frequently down in the dumps and/or somehow “unstable.” Drawing/writing/music were the only things that offered any kind of sense and repose, at many times. Nine and a half years on from my fifteen-year-old self, I’m quite glad to see myself finally beginning to make some kind of progress, in a very individualistic way which suits my drive and temperament.

I’d like to “build” on whatever I’ve got at the moment (on jessINK)…but a sense of inner “restlessness” still seems to pop up, from time to time. Traveling is something that continues to lure me. I’ve always liked to travel lean and light, try out as much of the local cuisine as possible (good food = good life!), and just wander around in pure aimlessness. One always “finds things” when they’re not specifically looking for it.

I’ll probably see to that, once I check more things off my to-do list (hopefully, by/during 2011).


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