Update: Primal Scream



20% through with my BDSM-themed s.story collection (-_-‘!)

* * *

I think the BDSM article I wrote over at jessINK sums up most of what I’d like to do/explore with BDSM in erotic fiction (I am basically taking a more subtle/implicit > violent/explicit route).

I’m going to title the full anthology, Primal Scream (full erotic anthology = step relations, BDSM, and “factual fiction” content). I’m not sure what I’ll title the BDSM-themed short story collection yet [either Primal Scream (BDSM), one of the individual BDSM short story titles, or something else].

I’ve spent most of the past week planning outlines and doing some writing, for two and a half of the remaining four stories I have left (I’ve only completed the first story — first in the above image). The stories were/are tricky to handle, because of the subtle complexities involved in the dynamics of a BDSM relationship/lifestyle…but I’ll do my best.

I’d like it to be one heck of a deviant (but not legally obscene) anthology ;)

Tentative deadline: By June 2011.


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