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I’m aiming to finish PLAY (my bdsm-themed anthology) by/during July 2011.


// Graffiti artwork (!) by elmo2332, photo taken by Bert23

“The sex” in the stories isn’t too explicit — I’ve tried my best to explore the “psychological” aspects of BDSM (which is where the real kick for me is / the “explicit scenes” are for those who primarily want the pornographic form of BDSM).

There’s no extreme violence in any of the stories either.

* Side Note: Great article at Lucrezia, titled “Bisexuality, BDSM and the Myth of Violent Pornography.”

I’ve two more stories left for the anthology: The Velvet Rope and Switch. I have a VERY rough draft of The Velvet Rope at the moment — will try to finish by mid-June. I have some stuff to see to in June — I’ll do my best to finish Switch by July, latest.

This is/has been a very tiring anthology to complete, so I’m looking forward to its completion (that’s what I always say, when I’m nearing the completion of any project)…but in terms of execution, it is pretty close to what I originally had in mind, so I’ll put in the necessary time and care into finishing up the last 2 stories left (aggravating as that can become, at points).

I was thinking about some upcoming projects the other day (I was musing about the outlines for my Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy). I think I’ll continue to challenge myself with each project (I’ll admit I was considering something “a little less ambitious/interesting” with one installment of one project!).

If I tried something less challenging, I might be able to complete the work faster — but in the end, I think I’d rather work on and complete something that I can be proud of (I will feel more satisfied at having achieved/accomplished something, as opposed to stagnating and doing the same old things over and over again).

In the short term, stagnating might be OK (because “a proven formula works”), but as an artist at heart, I don’t want to stagnate and stop challenging myself — that’s when the work starts to become unoriginal, uninspiring, and boring (for both myself and my type of readers/customers).

Three quotes from Thoughts On Success (from The Forbes Leadership Library):

“Our national future depends on our national character — whether it is spiritually or materially minded.”
— Roger Babson

“A man’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character — how he makes it and how he spends it.”
— James Moffatt

“Adversity makes men; good fortune makes monsters.”
— French Proverb

* * *

Other Art Stuff:

I recently kinda resurrected an old blog, Ooonique! (a unique gifts/products blog). This is the latest post, featuring Draw Your Face Off (a website where you can order original, inked portraits).


— Screenshot of Draw Your Face Off, image link will take you to the website.

jess c scott

— That’s my self-portrait shot (with one filter on Photoshop / dry brush filter). I’ve been battling acne for a while. I currently am using olive oil only (as cleanser + moisturizer + toner all in one)…I greatly favour natural > synthetic things most of the time. I hope this keeps the acne down [it was very manageable when I was in Singapore / came to Maine in about 2006 / acne got really bad from Dec 2009 onward (though that was probably due to “stressful” life events at the time, and lack of proper sleep)].

angel face

— “Angel Face” sketch (pencil and coloured digitally). I drew it some time in late 2010. I have not drawn anything in 2011 yet, I think. I will try to do some drawing in the later half of 2011 (I’ve been busy seeing to jessINK, and completing the bloody PLAY / Primal Scream anthology).

And here are three paintings by Stuart Pearson Wright, hands down one of my FAVOURITE artists!!!

* Short Article/Bio on Stuart Pearson Wright (
* Longer Article on Stuart Pearson Wright (

jkrowling stuart pearson wright

— 1. Portrait of J.K. Rowling (artist’s comments on the painting)

duke edinburgh, stuart wright

— 2. Duke of Edinburgh / Homo sapiens, Lepidium sativum and Calliphora vomitoria (title of painting / Latin for “human, cress and bluebottle”)

“Acclaimed artist Stuart Pearson Wright said he aimed to remind the viewer of the 82-year-old Duke’s mortality by featuring the metallic-blue fly, which breeds on decaying organic matter.

The head and shoulders piece, entitled Homo sapiens, Lepidium sativum and Calliphora vomitoria (human, cress and bluebottle) was, in fact, turned down by the Royal Society of Arts, which commissioned Pearson Wright to paint it.

“They considered it inappropriate,” the 28-year-old London-based artist said (when the portrait was done in 2004).

More info @ (I love DM)

stuart pearson wright

— 3. That’s a self-portrait by the artist, Stuart Pearson Wright.

P.S. I also love the artwork of John Singer Sargent, John Ruskin, John William Waterhouse, John Galliano, Dali, etc. I should feature a blitz sample of their lovely work sometime.


3 thoughts on “Play, art(ists) post

  1. And thanks for reading! I think good skin quality (naturally) is a good indicator of a person’s health and well-being, so I hope the “TLC” will pay off.

    Might do a drawing today, been a long time since I last did one…

    P.S. I have been sending good thoughts/wishes re: the recent car accident 0_0!


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