A Few Distractions…


* * * jessINK News * * *

1. I spent a few hours setting up a Facebook page — thanks to all who helped ‘like’ the page (so that I could get the shortened URL: http://facebook.com/jessINKbooks!).

2. I’ve set up a newsletter/email subscription (for announcements of new releases, discounts, etc.). You can check out the sign-up page on this blog or the sign-up page on jessINK (since I’ve both a blog and website at the moment).

* * * Other News * * *

3. I’ve one more story to complete, which will wrap up the Primal Scream anthology. Below is a snapshot of the “massive clean-up” needed for ‘Switch’.

story notes

4. Summertime = Kayak time :D:D


5. I’d push myself to finish ‘Switch’ quicker, but my face kind of exploded about a week ago with adult acne (sigh — my skin was pretty okay throughout teenage years, up to the end of 2009). I’ve since cut back on chocolates/cookies etc (and upped my intake of bland, raw vegetables OMG)…I also got Seppo Puusa’s eBook, Clear for Life. Coz I’ve tried my fair share of acne treatment products, which tend to not really work in the long run.

There are probably a few underlying chronic issues I have to work through (which trigger the acne “on the surface”)…so I’ve been journalling and trying to get my way around it. The acne has since gone down some — I think mine’s a case of diet + self-induced stress. I believe the bulk of it was to do with a long-standing directionless pseudo-relationship that recently expired (I’ve “purged” it out of my system for good, this time), and some personal “issues” I have with the (ever evolving) development of my own artistic nature/temperament. Both these things have sort of been ongoing (off and on) since I was sixteen (I’ll turn twenty-five in September), so yeah…journalling and trying to sort some stuff out.

I keep my target audience in mind though — I know I’ll only be sh*tting myself and customers if I put in “less effort” in order to “get ahead” quicker. I’m trying to accept my relatively slow and methodical ways (instead of griping about not having three clones of myself so that I could see to and complete separate projects faster), since that’s the way I work and fighting against it is only going to cause myself unnecessary stress/tension.

I’m slow because I want the foundation(s) and end result (products-wise) to be right. Also, perhaps because I instinctively (somewhere in me, despite my occasional impulsiveness + impatience…) know that slower/more difficult early on = steadier/easier later on [which is an option I’ll select anytime ;)].

So I’ll end this post with a simple note to readers/customers: I’ll continue to stick to a vision that is primarily concerned with the story/characters, instead of a vision that’s heavily influenced by $$$$$. Thank you for keeping my perspectives/values/(artistic and general) integrity in check.


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