Completion of PS + Urban Fantasy Expansion


*** Note #1: Blog post is split into four parts. ***

*** Note #2: Beginning of this post was from a conversation with Vixen Phillips on Facebook :P ***


Due to a few odd things happening here and there (at sporadic/random intervals), I possibly do have a few people “keeping an eye” on my Amazon account (whether they’re directly associated with Amazon or not). I recently got one short story re-instated (it was blocked/banned/removed for “offensive content”). I replied to Amazon’s Kindle titles department (to the email address that sent me the message) and politely asked them to show me where the offensive content was, because it was a revised edition.

Their polite reply: “We have investigated (etc etc)…and we apologize for any inconvenience this temporary suppression may have caused.”

Half the time I’ve no idea what’s happening (certain keywords flagged? People reporting something as having ‘offensive content’?), but I guess I’ll continue moving my work in the same direction (towards a “contemporary fiction” style that’s sexually-themed without being defined by “graphic scenes”). It’s harder to deem such types of work offensive ;) And I mean that in a general sense, not in an “against” sense. My non-erotic material (so far) has always been OK with all retailers, and I’m appreciative of that (though I will defend my “controversial” material when necessary…).

* * *


This was a big anthology to complete and I’m glad to get it out of the way ;)

You can check out the product page here, and the review request here.

* * *


I’ll be cleaning up a little bit of SVEN (I’m tweaking anything crass/graphic — not too much to begin with, just a sparse few lines here and there — what I want to strengthen in this project is not raunchiness, but the “urban fantasy / paranormal” aspect), then expanding on that, and writing a third incubus/succubus-themed novella. I feel better starting out with novellas (in some cases, especially when the content is complex), because it kind of sets a (very) good foundation for the longer pieces later (I have a better idea of what I’m talking/thinking/writing about, in terms of themes + characters + setting).

Completing the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy is also something I want to do over the first half of 2012 (if possible), because I’d like to strengthen my (non-erotic) urban fantasy department (if only to confuse/surprise some people that an individual CAN be capable of producing work that is sexual-themed, and work that is not sexually-driven).

Maybe it’s the “fantasy” aspect/element that is the biggest (intellectual?) turn-on for me. I’m not sure and I don’t need to know ;)

Right now I think I’ll finish up the 3 urban fantasy projects I have left to do (so that the foundation for both alternative/erotic material, and more mainstreamy/urban fantasy material, is balanced)…then figure what to do next. I’ve owned for the past 12 years (and 2 months, and counting), so I am very serious with doing a decent job with any stories that have dragons in them.

I have another whole series to complete (young adult, and maybe an adult-alternative one in future), and some other things I’d like to do in a contemporary/mainstream type of new style (in comparison to my earlier really multiple-genre-bending work)…I guess it’s new material to add to my portfolio (so the brand will be strengthened based on diversity/quality/quantity of products — I’m always thinking on a long-term basis).

While a part of me enjoys being original, I CAN see “the way the system works,” and how it naturally favours commercial/mainstream work (that’s just how it is).

And while another part of me does enjoy the challenge of integrating my unconventionality with mainstream/accepted norms, I make it a point (in my daily/general life) to maintain a clear perspective (as best as I can) with both my personal and business goals. I need to work with a clean conscience because I treat writing as both a passion and purpose (as I’ll be saying in an upcoming interview with Morgen Bailey, who I recently interviewed here).

I have always, always, always chosen to be more spiritually than materially-driven (despite my occasional desire for the latter), and I would honestly like to always maintain this direction.

For two main reasons:

1) I like to sleep well at night.

2) If/when I do really make it big one day in future, I don’t want to “be changed” by the new amount of money/stuff that I have or could afford. Could I say that with all certainty at age 21? Nope. Could I say that with all certainty now (approaching age 25)? Not totally still (dammit! — but at least it’s an improvement from an earlier, slightly more impulsive age ^^…). I want to work towards financial security without sacrificing meaningful work (on the career side). If not, all the newly-gained financial “security” will be empty/meaningless, which would be even worse than the monetary zilch I started out with. Wealth is not all about money/material goodies, and I’m willing to wait until I REALLY understand that fully (even if I have to go righhhhhht up to the edge to take a long had look at something, before saying “no” and backtracking — in “other departments” in life too, lol), so that I can keep working towards it (strong/stable financial security), and gain it, without losing myself and/or my values in the process.

Patience is still something I have to cultivate (though it’s been improving “with age”). I think I’ll manage to get it right some day ^^…

* * *


I’ll try to complete Naked Heat (the first incubus/succubus anthology) by Oct/Nov 2011. I’d like to tackle the elves one too, BUT since Naked Heat is shorter in length and almost 50% done, I thought I’d clear that first, then focus on the elven one once winter comes around over here (it’s a good project to focus on during wintry months, lol).

I would like to “up” the dark/cyberpunk aspects of Book02 in the elven trilogy. I’ll work with as much speed and efficiency as I can…but not at the expense of the themes I’d like to explore/develop.

For the astrologically-inclined, much of this post can be explained by my following placements:

1) Mars Cap tenth house
2) Aries Rising (which further emphasizes #1)
3) Virgo Sun
4) Pisces Moon  (Virgo/Pisces = opposites)
5) Venus Scorpio 8th house (HA.HA.HA.HA)

P.S. In ancient Greek times, people used to study a wide range of subjects (literature, art, mathematics, astrology, etc). That’s always nice to know.

P.P.S. I know this was/is a quite-lengthy post, but I usually prefer to post several things at one go (it’s that way most of the time in my head, which is something I’ve gotten quite used to!). I think I’ll schedule another art(ists) post some time in future :)


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