Naked Heat Anthology (incubus, succubus stories)


naked heat

Snapshot from jessINK!


I did an outline of the expanded version of SVEN, though the plot kind of bored me, so I’ve “re-evaluated” certain elements this morning, and I think I’ve managed to fix some of the yawn-worthy sections in the outline.

The rough outline for KYLIE (the third novella in this anthology) also bores me to bits at some points, so I’ll be tackling that for the next hour (or few hours). There’s some kind of a love quadrangle in the plot, but I want to amp up the “paranormal” aspect more (I hope to do a darker, more gothic-style urban fantasy series sometime after mid-2012…maybe with some cyberpunk elements thrown in for good measure :P). I was going to combine Naked Heat with that other darker urban fantasy thing I have in mind (maybe stand-alone or series, haven’t decided yet)…but I think I’ll keep the two separate (the tone and direction are a little different). I think Naked Heat will be a bit more focused on the relationships aspect, whereas the dark urban fantasy one will encompass broader themes and more complex plot development (particularly if the cyberpunk touch comes in. Gothic cyberpunk = a bit difficult to do, but exciting!).

I’m hoping/aiming to finish these two about a month before Winter 2011 (because I want to reserve those cold months to complete the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy, lol). There’s just something about winter/snow and elves (and dark elves) that make for a very nice combination.

P.S. ‘Gothic’ in the Edgar Allan Poe sense; not the ’emo vampires’ sense.


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