Third (Away) Notice


away notice

I tend to post (Away) or (Busy) notices now and then (2010’s was here; 2009’s was here).

I’ll still be posting blog interviews (as and when they come in), though I’ll mostly be focusing on completing my project featuring cyberpunk elves.

I was in a bit of a fix with the outline of the third book — I know the cyberpunk genre tends to be heavily “dystopian” in nature. However, I still believe that real life is miserable and hopeless enough, so I’ll be aiming for a semi-happy ending with the trilogy [while it won’t be a SUPER sugary “everyone lives happily ever after” fairytale ending, it won’t end like Repo Men or 1984 either (I LOVE 1984 by the way — I just want a different kind of ending for the project I’m working on, tee-hee)].

I’ll be quietly/intensely tweaking this project as I’d like this one to:

  1. set the standard for, and
  2. lead the direction of jessINK’s mainstream/commercial department ^^

I’ll continue to do alternative work, but later (I need to build up my brand’s strength across different areas — I want to build something that lasts).

In the meantime, I added some freebies on my website. My short story, Skins, will be in the upcoming BsB Anthology 3 — will mention that anthology on my social media accounts once it’s out.

P.S. Postcards still available too!

animal skinsbdsm masklove

(Left to Right):
Skins (animal lovers)
The Gift (sweet erotic/romantic short story)
Real Love Vs. Romance (essays on commercialism)

* * *

jess c scott

Listed at a very nice website, The Indie View. Hope to be interviewed there sometime (currently waiting for the Q&A).

Added a campaigns/causes page to jessINK also.

* * *


Here’s a sneak peek at The Darker Side of Life (thanks to Curse of the Bibliophile for hosting me).

* * *

sleeping cat

Sleeping cat (she sleeps double than I do, and I get/need eight hours on average).

* * *

OK, take care all — I’ll be watching the snow (wintertime / Maine) + fixing the drafts for Book02 and Book03 of The Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy.

I won’t be on my social media accounts very much (once I’ve delved DEEP into completing the remaining parts of the project).

If you need anything just email me at


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