Christian Fiction, Motivation (Part II)



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7 Nov 2010: Christian Fiction, Background (Part I)
25 Nov 2011: Christian Fiction, Motivation (Part II)
21 Dec 2011: Christian Fiction, Moral Compass (Part III)


Christian Fiction, Motivation (PART II)


I had two “very interesting” emails this week (positive feedback from two guys). One was with regards to my deviant material, while the other was with regards to my writing perspective(s).

I’ve pasted the email below:

Email #2: Correspondence with reader:

Dear Jess!

By occasion I came to read some of your writings, which came to me as a fresh and original way of thinking/approach. I for myself belong many years to the Lord Jesus, whom I not only confess, but also experience that He really loves me, speaks to me, and even dwells in me. That’s Great Reality! But I am convinced, that each human can get this comparable relationship too.

The reason of my writings to you is, that already many years ago, I received a Word of the Lord in my mind, which is remarkably accurate with your vision of books. First I have to share with you, that in that time I was more or less enslaved in reading thrillers, which cost me much time.

Then on a certain Sunday morning during the visit of the church meeting, the following words came to me. (I will translate in English)


The meaning of this statement, came almost immediately: you are using as food the undigested thoughts of ungodly people!

So when I returned to my house, I shared my decision to my wife:

Stop reading this kind of books, which I now call pulp.

Remarkable was also that I received the power to act so with almost no problem and became free! Started to spend more time in searching the Lord, by praying, reading bible studies and books about the way of living of people, who were also searching to THE TRUTH, which is HE — JESUS in fact!

Now I am reading and studying from the life and works of the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, which became a blessing for me, so that I can enlarge [my life experiences].

I really hope you can use some of this material I feel I had to share to you — also for the benefit of others.

Cordially Yours,
A Male Reader

As I mentioned in my old blog post, I’ve been (quietly) thinking of writing Christian fiction for some time (for some reason, quite a few of the readers/customers I’ve heard from are religious/spiritual individuals).

It will be less explicit than my deviant work of course, but I would like to try to present some of the underlying themes via a Christian lens (where Christian values can be mixed with a fresh/original approach via the story).

I can relate to the salvation that Christians seek and the inner conflicts involved, so I’ve been interested to try to work something out that is, as the writer of the above email says: (1) for the benefit of others, and (2) for people searching to The Truth (via the Christian concept).

I have a few ideas as to what I’d like to do (maybe in the later half of 2012 — wanna finish the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy first), but I’ll need a bit more time to think about it (so that the writing does not come across as too boring, too preachy, or unintentionally offensive — I’d like to balance “positive Christian values” with “realistic post-modern issues”).

The drive/motivation/inspiration is very similar to my erotic (not p0rn0graphic) material — just less graphic and with a Christian slant that I believe the target audience will appreciate.

I’m not really bothered by the fact that I can be both deviant and morally inclined at the same time. It keeps boredom at bay and is part of my artistic/personal development.

I also feel better when I keep others in mind. It’s something I’m happier and more fulfilled to focus on, versus how much I’ll make/earn with this or that venture.

Work = Life, so I don’t want to waste my time on shallow values (spoken like a true Virgo!).

I recently viewed a Facebook friend’s profile where he wrote that he’s “here to share the searches, researches, and discoveries [he’s] encountering through [his] existence(s).”

I told him I thought that was excellent! Self-discovery is the best ^^.


P.S. One person I admire a lot is James Cameron (!!!).

james cameron

There’s a long interview with him at the American Academy of Achievement (he was inducted in 1998), but I read through the entire interview and here’s an excerpt:

“There’s a tremendous temptation to do a work-around, or to do a moral or ethical work-around or a short cut in a lot of situations, because it’s easier and it’s just — you’re so needy to get those little breaks and so on. And I think a lot of people get sort of ethically short-circuited at that stage and they never recover, you know? Because I think a lot of people would say, “Well, you know, I’ll do what I have to do now, but then later I’ll be good.” It doesn’t work that way. You are who you are.”
(– James Cameron Interview / Master Filmmaker)

I’ve been tempted several times to take “short cuts” in several situations, though I’ve so far held back from doing so.

Doing honest work can be both a blessing and a curse — depending on how one looks at it.


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