One-Line Definitions (and Happy New Year / 2012)



Universum | C. Flammarion, Holzschnitt, Paris 1888 (one of my favorite woodcuts)

* * *

1) I had an email about a couple of months back from a male reader/customer around my age.


“Jess: as we all know, you are a very talented writer. On my request, please describe all these in one line as you think — Jess C Scott, Old Man, Old Lady, Young Woman, God, Marriage, Evil, Gentleman, Woman Fantasy, Rape, Adult, Pleasure. Go for these and I wish you a lovely future.”
— reader/customer email, Nov 2011

I added two more in my answers below (Sexuality, Spirituality). I took longer than I expected to fill in my answers.

2) I completed a short story recently (Age of Aquarius), and have completed about 1/3 of Kylie. I’ll provide coupon codes for these newer pieces once I’m finally done with the latter (will post info on my social media accounts + newsletter).

3) I am not on Twitter or FB much these days so apologies if I take a while to respond — I’ve been quietly focusing on spiritual > financial goals (I’ll be following the same route in 2012). It keeps me focused/productive (due to a happy/healthy state of mind). Happy New Year in the meantime :)!

* * *


Jess C Scott: Author/Artist/Non-Conformist,, Venus Scorpio.

Old Man: One who should be respected for his experience and practical advice.

Old Lady: One who should be respected for her experience and caring wisdom.

Young Woman: One who should celebrate/enjoy her youth/vitality without wasting it.

God: Love, peace, consciousness.

Marriage: Official record of the union of two souls “till death do them part” (not to be taken lightly).

Evil: Malevolent forces that harm, manipulate, exploit, and/or de-spiritualize.

Gentleman: A gentle man with manners and sincerity.

Woman Fantasy: To submit to what they envision as the perfect man (a “horny but sensitive” man, perhaps).

Rape: Non-consensual sexual intercourse; also a common sexual fantasy.

Adult: Someone mature who takes responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions.

Pleasure: A moment of mental/emotional/physical/spiritual ecstasy.

Spirituality: How attuned one’s spirit is to living a life with passion + purpose.

Sexuality: One’s sexual being (beliefs, attitudes, behavior with regards to anything of a sexual nature).


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