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I’m tackling three different projects at the moment — they are going OK, though I’ll probably take “longer than intended” with editing Kylie (I’d like the writing to be tight and unified).

Naked Heat will be my first collection of incubus/succubus-themed stories (the first story was written back in late 2008!). While I’ve kept the focus on the storyline > graphic eroticism, all the stories still center around sex (which is the way it should be, following the definition of the word incubus).

The 740-word article below was originally written in 2011 for Bards and Sages Publishing (for a newsletter issue). The participating authors were given a “subject” to write about (which I’ve included also).

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Author Subject:

Remember your first date? Maybe you have fond memories about that night. Maybe you have been trying for ten years to block it out of your head. Well, now imagine if your date had been a paranormal creature (werewolf, vampire, etc). How might it have gone differently? Have fun with the tropes of paranormal romance and recall that date if he or she had been supernatural.

The article should be between 500-2500 words long, [written in] a quirky, lighthearted approach to engage readers and give them a chance to get to know you a little.

Tempt, by Jess C Scott (written in Sept 2011)

My first date tried to impress me by clearing all the levels of an arcade game on a couple of quarters for one play (the individual succeeded on both counts!).

This occurred almost exactly ten years ago. The guy was the same age as I, and most of the evening went pretty well.

I often think of incubi and succubi when I think of paranormal creatures. The subject of sex and sexuality (outside the realm of commercial pornography) has always intrigued me, and the incubus and succubus are creatures that blend the aspect of sex with something that is supernatural.

The function and purpose of this paranormal creature gives my imagination lots to ponder over, since (according to lore and tradition) the creature has to feed off the sexual energy of mortals as they sleep. Sex is more than intercourse, and for me, seduction of the mind is always as appealing as physical seduction.

Had my first date been an incubus, I think he’d have capitalized on my preference for being seduced via conversation and the mind first (before any form of physical action).

I remember checking out some CDs at a HMV outlet with my first date. We spent quite a long time looking at the Top 40 albums at the time (I remember a “Britney Spears” album somewhere, along with one of Michael Jackson’s albums).

My incubus-date would have corrupted me via music: he’d have introduced me to old-school classic rock that’s characterized by an almost mystical power to evoke primal passions. Many songs by the greatest rock bands are infused with that exact type of vibe and energy (“Get Down Make Love” by Queen; “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin; “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns n’ Roses). I’d discovered some of those bands by my mid-teens, though I wasn’t really attuned to the “groove” yet of music that, basically, had a purely sexual element to it.

I think my incubus-date might have brought me to the classical department of the CD store also (I’ve always listened to and equally enjoyed rock and classical, along with many other genres).

We’d have checked out Vivaldi (Four Seasons – Summer), Mozart (Turkish March, Piano Sonata), Bach (Cello Suite No.1 – PreludeConcertos No.3 – Allegro Moderato) , Chopin [Vladimir Horowitz, Yundi Li #1 (Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2), Yundi Li #2 (“Fantasie” Impromptu, Op. 66)!!] — music which requires one to possess some level of culture and taste and openness to genuinely appreciate. I think the dichotomy would have shown the “two sides” of my date. Someone hard to pin down piques my interest and keeps me on my toes.

The incubi I write about in paranormal stories are hard to fool (until they get entangled in “complicated” situations) because I’ve always sensed that the creature would be sensitive to a person’s inner needs and desires.

With regards to my first date in real life, I guess the incubus-date may have picked up on both my underlying intensity and relative innocence at the time.

He probably would have worn something sharp/stylish, to appeal to the budding woman in me (what another date did do — but not the first one). He might not have tried to have done too much on the first date (it would have depended on my “responses” at the time). I think he might have picked up on some hesitancy on my part if he got physically too close, too quickly (from what I remember of how I felt about dating and sexual activity at that point in my life).

Most of what my incubus-date might have done would’ve been understated — he’d understand the power of a whisper, the thrill of a light touch, the allure of quiet confidence, the animal magnetism of sensuality and sex appeal. A propensity for seeing to the details would have both captured my attention and awoken an insatiable curiosity in me, which probably would have had me hooked on the individual (as an astrological saying goes: “A hooked Virgo is a curious Virgo”). The incubus would simply have kept seducing till he had the target (me) willingly eating out of the palm of his hand, begging for more.

To this day, I experience my fair share of long, vivid dreams at night, where I remember every word and gesture, down to the details as to what a voice sounded like and how much pressure there was in a touch. Occasionally I wake up exhausted, but wanting to meet the dudes I dream of during the night.

I sometimes wonder if I’ve ever been paid a visit by an incubus. I can’t say with any certainty that I haven’t.

* Originally written for Bards and Sages Publishing [February Theme: “If you love me, you’ll let me eat your brain”].

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Sidenote: I had a pleasant email from writer/attorney, David W. Cowles, who “seems to be in agreement” with my views re: erotica vs. pornography. Here’s his article, and my article — good stuff!

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