March Announcements


Bunch of things going on, here’s the summary.

* * *

1. Naked Heat Anthology (cover below = almost final version)

naked heat

Naked Heat (incubus + succubus stories) is almost ready to go. Because I’ve been working on:

2. Bad Romance

bad romance

This is a pop culture/dark humor collection (feat. star-crossed lovers through the 7 deadly sins).

I’m almost 10K words into this because I’ve been working on:

3. Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships (co-authored with Matt Posner)

teen sex

This is a realistic teen health/sexuality advice book I’m co-authoring (with Matt Posner) and am very happy to support.

These will probably be published around the same time (because I can deal with the promo coupon codes + formatting the print/eBook files at the same time).

I’m still debating which 3 projects to get to after these 3 have been published (I have 1 out of 3 decided).

4. Mercury Libra

Mercury in Libra
[pic from]

I mentioned “Mercury Libra” in an upcoming guest post I’m preparing for Hillary E. Peak (as part of an OrangeBerry Tour).

In astrology, Mercury is the sign of communications; I have a Merc Libra.

I totally agree with the following:

Creatively, Mercury in Libra is at its best when they fight for their ideals of truth, beauty, and justice.
— from Astrology Unboxed

5. Fun Stuff + Freebies + Promos!

I am also taking part in Read an eBook week (brought to you by Smashwords), and a very fun Easter Egg Hunt (brought to you by Read 2 Review).

More details on the links for freebie goodies, or you can click on the images below too :)

read ebook week easter egg

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