Full Moon in Astrology


By Guest Blogger Ray (Raymond Johnson)

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[“Virgo Moon” image from DailyHoroscope.com]

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Hi there. I’m Ray and I have been a spiritual seeker for a long time and I will share this with you. Welcome!

Today I’ll talk about astrology because today (8 March 2012) we have a full moon in Virgo squared with the (Pisces) sun. Generally a square, much like a retrograde, brings some conflict and tension. I can usually tell when mercury is retrograde because it just seems so much harder to say what I mean in a way people can actually understand.

With this full moon you may feel moody and possibly even sad or angry when you normally wouldn’t be. Full moons are chaotic anyway. It will definitely keep police and paramedics busy. I’ve never seen a study that proves it, but I definitely hear sirens more often when there is a full moon.

So what does this mean for you? Astrology isn’t destiny. You can use the knowledge to pay attention to what you do and say. That way you don’t say the wrong thing. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” Not always. Negative comments hurt long after someone says them. I think we’re all here to play. God, Allah, the divine source, whatever you want to call it, put us here to play and explore. That means we need to play well with others since we’re not in this alone.

OK, so not everyone feels that way. But if you look at any religion, its founding prophet would never do any of the things its followers do, especially its leaders. People ask, “What would Jesus do?” I don’t know but I know what he wouldn’t do. 99% of what his supposed followers think is right to do.

[JESS: I think the problem lies with hypocritical and corrupt leaders, more so than the vast majority of followers. With power comes responsibility, and when that power is abused…]

Anyway this full moon is an opportunity to explore your feelings and really explore what’s important to you. It also nudges us to pay attention to ourselves and others. Pay attention and it will pay you back.

~ Ray

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Author Bio:

Ray has been a student of spirituality and philosophy for many years. He has studied astrology and has read tarot professionally. He also has a deep understanding of sexuality in all its diversity. He believes sexuality and spirituality require a great amount of trust and intimacy that takes one to new levels of existence. He can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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As a Sun Virgo/Moon Pisces, this post was of great interest to me ;)! Here are a couple of links you might like to check out:

(1) Lunarium is a website where you can find your moon sign (you’ll need your birth time).

(2) Pathway to Ascension discusses how astrology is not about “worshiping the stars.”

— Jess C Scott / jessINK

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